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More details emerge of Lange’s obstruction of corruption investigations in Madang

PNGExposed has received more details about Madang Provincial Administrator, Bernard Lange’s obstruction of efforts to tackle the endemic corruption in his administration.

Since we revealed the letters from the Secretary of Finance in Port Moresby requesting Lange to attend Provincial Audit Committee meetings and provide the committee with the information it needs to carry out its investigations, a number of sources have stepped forward with further information.

These sources have revealed that rather than complying with the instructions from Port Moresby and assisting the committee the February meeting of the Audit Committee was cancelled as the Chair was ill and two subsequent scheduled meetings were cancelled as Lange was “not available”.

Finally, both Lange and his Treasurer, Soten Uriah,  turned up to the June meeting (eight months after they had received their letters from the Department of Finance). The pair did table some reports but they were not circulated to the Committee members before the meeting . These were complex financial reports which required careful reading and consideration. When the Chair of the committee suggested that the start of the meeting be deferred for an hour or so to allow members time to read the reports, Lange said there was no time for that as he had to be leaving soon. The meeting was therefore unable to engage in any meaning consideration of the information provided.

The Chairman, as we know, subsequently resigned over the lack of cooperation from the Administrator and his failure to support efforts to tackle corruption.

The Madang Provincial administration is starting to leak like a sieve – which shows there are some honest public servants.

  1. pkay
    July 9, 2013 at 6:23 am

    Lange can’t be acting alone. Of course there are always honest public servants in the National and Provincial civil service. The larger part of all human beings that populate this planet are honest, fair and decent people. Most of PNG population are rural dwellers who earn their keep through honest means, mostly self sufficient toiling their land and depending and supporting each other at a communal and family level.

    It’s the minority that always spoil the brothe; or take carcasse away and devour it themselves; or like Lange, avoid being netted like a devious and dangerous animal that is being hunted to be put down. It seems so far he has succeeded

  2. pkay
    July 9, 2013 at 7:31 am

    AND…what’s in a name. Lange’s elusiveness is akin to those that think they are above reproach; not ordinary men; portray the impression that the public offices they occupy are their private domains for keeps; that if the salary doesn’t pay well they can justify their pilfering habits with no guilt or qualms at all. They behave and hold themselves out as larger than life. Lange ought to be spelt with an “r” in place of the letter “n” in his name. It fits his behaviour and how he is managing to slip or knick away from oversight authorities so far. Of course he knows he will get away if there is no proof and concrete evidence on the allegations being made against him. The Madang provincial administration may be starting to leak like a sieve…but we all know this is Melanesia where cultures often dictate that you can’t stand up and tell your superiors to their face or be counted on to bear witness against them. That is why many cases of these sorts of alleged corrupt practices come to a dead end in this country (samting olsem: thou shall not bear witness against thy neighbour or superior or boss because if you do, you could find yourself asking how you’re going to pay for
    your next family meal or repay that bank loan).

  3. Kimberly Buka
    July 19, 2013 at 9:29 am

    How very unfortunate to hear of such selfish behavior, Bernard Lange is my uncle and I am truly ashamed but as the law would have it, he is innocent until proven guilty and those who are in a position to raise this matter with the authorities should do so with evidence to support their claim. He is subject to the leadership code and therefore liable for investigations by the Ombudsman Commission. Please come forward with documents and put him behind bars!

    Until then, it is no use putting posts such as these if you are not willing to report this notorious behavior to the correct authorities. My email is kkbuka@gmail.com. Do contact me and I’ll be more than happy to forward this complaint to the OC on your behalf. I do not condone this attitude and behavior especially when you are put in a position to serve the people.

  1. August 7, 2013 at 3:18 pm

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