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Seventeen months but still no justice for the people of Oro

It is now 17 months since we first exposed the criminal misuse of Restoration Funds in Oro Province but, despite the attentions of the police, Ombudsman Commission and local politicians, there has still been no justice for the long suffering people.

This is how we first exposed the scam:

Within days we were told the police were to make arrests: Sacked financial controller to be arrested for fraud

But still the revelations about the extent of the corruption kept coming:

The police stepped up their investigation: Oro duo wanted for stealing property

Within weeks the of the exposure, the Ombudsman Commission promised an investigation: Ombudsman Commission to probe Oro disaster funds.

There was even a short documentary on the scandal: Rising from the Rubble.

Yet we are now 17 months on and there is still there is no justice for the people of Oro Province and our politicians are still crying their  crocodile tears:

Spending questioned at PNG Authority tasked with cyclone rehab

Radio New Zealand

Questions have been raised about a body set up to help fix damaged infrastructure in Oro Province after the devastating Cyclone Guba hit Papua New Guinea in 2007.
The Oro Restoration Authority was established by the government as a result of the cyclone, given nine million US dollars and tasked with restoring basic services to the villages.
The MP for Sohe in Oro Province, Delilah Gore, says the cyclone, which killed at least 170 people, destroyed many bridges, roads, and basic services.
She says in her electorate they haven’t seen any improvements.
“The Restoration Authority was put in place by the previous government, nothing has been done so far so I raised it on the floor with the hope that this government will take note of that and revive the restoration and do new appointments, give money so they can restore services, especially the infrastructure.”
The Governor of Oro Province, Gary Juffa, says he has already taken steps to investigate the Authority and says if people are found to have misused funding, they’ll be dealt with accordingly.

  1. Robby Less
    June 4, 2013 at 8:42 pm

    17 months gone and he has proven to be another clown governor with the likes of his PM and the rest of his MP comrades. Heros put words into action.

  2. Charlie Hangiri
    January 1, 2014 at 9:34 pm


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