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PNG to impose harsher penalties in corporate fraud?

From NBC PNG NEWS via Islands Business

The Papua New Guinea Government has been called on to consider imposing the highest penalties on people involved in corporate fraud.

Member for Kundiawa/Gembogl, Tobias Kulang, made this call in Parliament Tuesday, and again at a media conference soon after, following revelations of a massive white collar and corporate crime within the Finance Department.

Kulang says public funds belonging to the men, women and children of PNG, which could been used to build and maintain infrastructure to improve their lives, are being misused, through fraud and white collar crimes, while those who deserve services are dying unnecessarily.

The MP says these are high level citizens who are held in high esteem, and should be charged with systematic murder.

” We are talking about tougher penalties for small people who may be committing crime because of lack of economic means. What about the people involved in corporate crime who are committing systematic murder, who are depriving the people from means to better economic life and opportunities? They are stealing money and our people who are supposed to have access to better health services, better infrastructure are dying because of lack of accessibility. What are we going to do about those people who are causing systematic death and misery in our community?”

Prime Minister Peter O’ Neill agrees stiffer penalties need to be put in place for such people.

O’Neill says the government is committed to its fight against corruption of all forms in the country.

He says this will be dealt with under the current proposed move by the government to increase penalties for the various forms of crimes occurring in the country.

  1. Rata Palisah
    May 24, 2013 at 11:19 am

    Persons stealing K100,000.00 – K1,000,000.00 should face 5yrs to 20yrs imprisonment while those stealing 1,000,001.00 to 5,000,000.00 should face life imprisonment without parole. Anyone stealing anything above K5million should face the firing squard regardless of status. Any assets acquired by the stolen wealth should be recovered to the state. No NGO organizations should be allowed to interfer with this law.

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