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Forest Minister looking to block SABL report?

From Thomas Imal on Facebook

From reliable sources, the Forest Minister has sought legal advice from two Queens Counsel in Australia and he will be pushing to stop the Final Report of the Commission of Inquiry into Special Purpose Agriculture & Business Leases from being tabled and made public, on a number of legal grounds.

One of their main arguments for seeking to nullify the report is that the COI final report was not completed and tabled within the time set and there was no valid extension of time granted.

This is a similar situation with the NPF Inquiry, but the situation can be rectified by the government passing a short piece of legislation to validate the Report.

It will be interesting, as it unfolds and we have to make noise about it so the pollies know that we are watching…

  1. charles tsiritsi
    April 16, 2013 at 5:23 pm

    The forest minister must be feeling uncomfortable now since he was formally sitting on the same chair during the Somare regime. OMG this is ridiculous for I am sure his days are numbered to where the SABL inquiry for sure unveil his evil and corrupt deals. Let him face the music coz they siphoned millions or even billions of peoples God given wealth that even money can’t match. I pray that my great God yaweh will sits him through judgements and empower the task force sweep team to crush his little supremacy of blocking the report. Crying for transparency and honesty.

    Christ reigns

    Patriotic PNGean.

  2. patriot
    April 26, 2013 at 2:28 pm

    i believe Pundari is cracking down on this issue under his own ministry (environment) and tightening up the loose ends.
    interesting to see what comes about.
    think Mr Pundari is on the right track now.

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