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Biscuit boss doesn’t crumble

PNG Industry News

LAE Biscuit Company chief Ian Chow has reportedly received a 12-month good behaviour bond and has been ordered to donate $US10,000 to charity after he pleaded guilty to one charge of illegally importing ammunition-making material into Papua New Guinea from Australia.

According to The Age newspaper, the Melbourne Magistrate’s Court decided the imported gunpowder, cartridges, primer and propellant from Australia was not for criminal use but intended to make ammunition for Chow’s local gun club.

The contraband material was reportedly sent over in boxes which were falsely marked as containing household items and biscuit-making ingredients.

An Australian citizen from a prominent Chinese business family in PNG, Chow faced pornography charges in PNG back in 2006.

He is a “stalwart representative” of the PNG Practical Shooting Association, according to its website.

  1. Peter Cunningham
    April 15, 2013 at 5:39 pm

    Interesting, but is it relevant? Is the purpose of this site to uncover corruption, or sensationalist slander? I thought the former (and a good job too!)
    But on this issue it appears the HBIC (head blogger in charge) has a penchant for disregarding the facts, and dredged up the irrelevant melded into part truth to portray other than the truth.
    This clearly promotes bias to damage another person so I ask – WHY?
    This HBIC is clearly knowing far more than the judge himself – or has a lust for doing needless damage to others.
    I clearly remember reading that the man’s house burned to the ground, taking ALL worldly possessions, and effectively killing sport shooting in PNG.
    I ponder as to why the prejudice!
    Oh and yes – I too was involved in trying to help the SPORT and in totally unique circumstances. Sport is totally different to crime.

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