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Momis urged to remove advisor on Mining law

By Winterford Toreas – Post Courier

PRESIDENT of the Autonomous Bougainville Government Chief Dr John Momis has been called to immediately remove one of his advisors.

The call was made by the former combatants from Bougainville during a meeting they held in Buka last week.

According to a petition from the former combatants, they want the Dr Momis to immediately remove this advisor (named) within three days from the date this resolution was made.

The petition which was signed by the chairman and vice chairman of the three former combatants associations from North, Central and South Bougainville will be presented to Dr Momis today by the three associations’ representatives in the Bougainville House of Representatives.

The former combatants said the engagement of this advisor, whom they said, was previously removed by the late ABG President Joseph Kabui, was insulting to the integrity of educated Bougainvilleans, the public and most importantly the former combatants who were stakeholders in many outstanding issues like mining and the review of the Bougainville Peace Agreement.

The demands contained in this petition include:

  • Particular expatriate advisor to the ABG President and the Bougainville Executive Council in person of (named) be permanently removed from Bougainville within three days from the date of this resolution and further be barred from acting as such advisor to the ABG;
  • That more public awareness be conducted on the development of Bougainville’s mining laws and policies before they are passed by the ABG Parliament;
  • That the ABG Mining Department be given full responsibility to drive the development of Bougainville Mining Laws and Policies without undue foreign influence and;
  • That the three ex-combatants members of the ABG Parliament present this petition to the president.

Although the former combatants have failed to outline in detail their reasons for their demand in the removal of this advisor, it is understood that this decision was reached following misconceptions that many Bougainvilleans have towards this particular advisor.

  1. Bonip Panuta
    March 15, 2013 at 3:05 pm

    Is there someone in authority out there who has seen the SOS from the Secretary General of the PNG High Commission for UNESCO? I have followed with interest the evolving saga of the PNG High Commission for UNESCO. With the latest being the full page advertisements in The National, Post-Courier, Sunday Chronicle and Business Times.

    It appears that the Secretary General of the PNG High Commission for UNESCO Mr Yori Yei is single-handedly fighting a battle against very powerful people who are hell bent on having things their way, regardless of the implications or ramifications for PNG’s nation security.

    The issue similar to the Indonesian Interpol furgitive case, Djoko Tsandra, has very dangerous implications for Papua New Guinea. The Djoko Tsandra case renders our PNG passports suspect and useless. It sends out the signal that anyone can get PNG passports, thus the real fear that international terrorist groups can use PNG to spring their attack on their enemies. It is our responsibility towards international security to ensure that our national systems and processes are in place and strictly adhered to.

    The implications for PNG in the ongoing saga at the PNG High Commission for UNESCO, is very frightening for PNG as well. The background to this saga is that current Speaker Theodore Zurenuoc, then as Education Minister, single-handedly appointed a Lebanese billiionaire as our Ambassador to UNESCO in Paris, France. The legal appointing authority is the NEC, upon advise from the Board of the PNG High Commission for UNESCO and Department of Foreign Affairs. The question that comes begging is, how was the Lebanese appointed? And why? One can only assume that since the decision was made months before the PNG 2012 National General Elections the Lebanese may have made a sizable contribution towards Mr Zurenuoc’s election campaign funds.

    Mr Yori Yei is trying to correct or undo an act that has serious negative implications for PNG. Yet no-one has come out in support of his efforts. Instead he has had serious allegations made against him. He has been defamed on the floor of parliament. And now the acting Education Minister Hon James Marabe is planning to side-line him due to the allegations being made on the floor of parliament. Is that the only reason? Word on the street is the the Government is seriously looking at confirming the appointment of the Lebanese billionaire. Why do so when the appointment has broken all our laws and legally established processes in the first place? Again it sends out the signal that PNG does not care for international security. It sends out the signal that our laws, processes and systems can be broken if you have the money.

    Can someone in authority do something about this please? Prime Minister, where are you and Mr Marabe what are you both doing about the matter?



  1. April 20, 2013 at 4:10 pm

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