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Draft National Forest Plan pathetic and insulting

January 24, 2013 Leave a comment Go to comments

Forest Analyst

The PNG Forest Authority is touring the country presenting its draft National Forest Plan (download a pdf copy below).

The draft document is pathetic and an insult to the Nation and our people.

The plan is based on a forest area and condition assessment that has been done using data first produced in 1972 and then (very inaccurately) updated in 1995.

This means the plan is not only based on flawed data, it is flawed data that is 17 years out of date.

What about all the forest logged or cleared since 1995?

When challenged, Forest Authority staff just say that the National Forest Board has approved the use of the flawed and outdated data, as if that makes everything okay….

But this is not the only failing in the plan.

The draft National Forest Plan also ignores all the forest clearing that has been occurring under the fraudulent Special Agriculture and Buisness Leases that cover over 5 million hectares. The Forest Authority has chosen to pretend this forest clearing is not happening because, they say, they have no idea where it is occurring…

The Forest Authority has no idea where the forest clearing is happening when they are the agency that hands out the Forest Clearance Authorities – documents that have maps attached to them?

No idea where the forest clearances are happening when they employ Swiss company SGS to count every log that gets exported?

If the Forest Authority has no idea where the clearance are occurring then who is managing our forest resources?

It is also very worrying the draft Plan contains no prescriptions for bringing logging operations into line with the Logging Code of Practice let alone making them sustainable in the long term. Most logging areas continue to be logged out within 10 years of logging starting and then they are either abandoned or logged repeatedly.

The Forest Authority it seems has no interest in challenging this business as usual by the foreign owned logging industry.

The draft Plan also contains no indication that any meaningful reforestation of logged over areas has occurred over the last 20 years. This is despite tens of millions of kina being collected in reforestation levies. So what has happened to all that money?

The sad truth is that rural people have nothing to show for two decades of logging by Rimbunan Hijau and other foreign owned forest rapists – and the PNG Forest Authority is happy to see that continue….

Download a copy of the Draft National Forest Plan

  1. ToPam
    January 24, 2013 at 12:24 pm

    I wonder what is NFS preaching abotu at this time. Pathetic is the right word. All these logging going on with no reforestation, because logging companies, not all are paying the lousy K1/m3 reforestation Levy to NFS. I have been in the industry for over thirty odd years, and it is a sad scenario for NFS to say they dont know about where the clear felling is taking place, when they only know too well, they enjoyed issuing authorities left right centre. I reckon within the organisation itself, i believe officers are aligned or have vested interested in certain logging companies, that is why none of them will tell us the truth. I plea to the Oneil/Dion Governemnt to investigate NFS and find out what the hell is going on. We can not sit back and say, YA MIPELA IN SAVE LON DISPELA O EM STAP WE?…… These are comments you get from NFS officers when you ask them. VERY STUPID. Forest is a professional career, however in PNG we have demean this profession to the dogs….. and this ABSOLUTELY THE TRUTH.

    Why was Justice Barnett attacked when he was doing the Commision of Inquiry into forestry, because politicians and officers have vested interest in logging companies, who were getting favors from these companies and does not want the world to know abotu their corruption, that plague the forest profession and industry in the last decade.

    To assist the NFS, I reckon we(PNG) have the technology available to zero down to the last grass land, the remaining forest, what has been ripped off and what has been burnt.

    Please fellow foresters let us not sit back and allow our remaining forest to be reaped, and say ‘ MI NO SAVE YA HUSAT IWOKIM’.


  2. Kraip Waut
    January 24, 2013 at 3:43 pm

    In history no government has ruled forever at the expenses of the suffering of the people. Dictators have been toppled and justice has prevailed. The Arab Spring has brought into light the future ahead if we continue to travel down the same path. Or the extreme case of some African and Middle East states where extremists and war lords rule may be our next destiny waiting ahead. We also know from history that the corrupted regimes (such as Suharto of Indonesia, the Macros of Philippines, Thaksin Shinawatra of Thailand, Hosni Mubarak of Egypt, and Muammar Gaddafi of Libya) not lasted forever. At the end justice was waiting and finally caught up with them when they least expected it. Some flee and live in exile, some imprisoned and some killed. Even the worst evil in the history of mankind never lasted. Adolf Hitler regarded as the incarnation of absolute evil in the history of mankind perished with all his deeds.

    In the face of tyranny, always rise the believers of justice. Nelson Mandela of South Africa, Martin Luther King Jr. of US, and Karamchand Gandhi of India are the beacon of the human rights and freedom of the voiceless, oppressed and deprived. They lived their lives no one else lived. They saw things no one else seen. They believed in things no else believed. They sacrificed their lives but become the legends. Their legacy lived on. May we not forget, “A RICH COUNTRY YET POOR”?

  3. Daru Mako
    January 24, 2013 at 4:13 pm

    Sad for PNG

  4. Bush Forester
    February 16, 2013 at 10:59 am

    Truly agree with all the commentary put up by Forest Analyst. The whole forest plan is pathetic. The forest plan does not take into consideration the new customary land laws that have been passed by parliament in 2009 and enacted on the 1st of March 2012. The PNGFA still thinks its has the jurisdiction to go out, extinguish people’s rights to their land and resources and give that right to developers so that they continue logging in this country. But sori tumas PNGFA, the law has changed now so you’d better shape up or ship out. For any new logging activity to take place, customary landowners incorporate their ILG, register their land and hold a title to only that piece of their land that they have all agreed to do logging with it, then they will approach forestry and logging can take place. If people do not agree for logging to take place, sori tru, but that is reality. Besides, the Forestry Act is not a superior Act to all other Acts that deal with land so forestry cannot have everything its way.

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