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Kepis Wali, ex-MD of the Mineral Resource Authority, owns a K850,000 home in Cairns

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One of the homes on Finniss Crescent where Kepis owns a house

Kepis Wali is not just another public servant struggling to survive in the high cost environment of Papua New Guinea’s capital city, Port Moresby.

No, Kepis is not struggling at all. As well as being able to afford life in the capital, Kepis Wali has enough money left over for a K850,000 kina house in the Cairns suburb of Bentley Park.

It seems handing out Mining Leases to the likes of MCC, Nautilus Minerals and Newcrest Mining has it perks after all.

Described as a “peaceful and family friendly setting” that offers  “a sought after lifestyle”,  Bentley Park must seem a million miles away from the chaotic streets of Port Moresby.

Kepis’s house is described as “conveniently close to the new Edmonton Coles shopping complex, Isabella Primary School, Hambeldon Primary School, the popular Sugarworld water slides and playgrounds, as well as a 15 minute drive to Cairns city centre and the famous Esplanade”.

  1. Edm
    November 21, 2012 at 10:32 am

    Kepas is no longer the MD of Mineral Resources Authority since he resigned to contest the elections…

    • getthebastards
      November 24, 2012 at 12:01 pm

      Kepas is still on the gravy train though – this time on the EU payroll at MRA! And what is wrong with uncovering his past especially if he has taken money that is not his at MRDC.

  2. JUDY
    November 21, 2012 at 7:25 pm

    Cant the PM PO find out where the where the source of the money came?Surely if Australia was all about helping PNG government to have good GOVERNANCE,should they go all out to tell PNG PM PO and the Nation of PNG where the such people got such amount of money to but such huge big properties.Australia must practice what it calls good Governance.

  3. SorryPNG
    November 21, 2012 at 7:56 pm

    Agree Judy, reporters should tell the stories fully by revealing figures and stats. How much does a government minister earn a year from tax payers. How could William Duma manage to buy a K1.3 million home in Cairns with his annual salary? Don’t tell me he has saved well!

    It is rather sad that our pollies are stealing public monies to ensure they retire well in foreign lands while those who voted them in election in election out still remain in the stone age – in Duma and PM O’Neill’s case, literally walking around in ass-grass and sleeping on mud!

    Why are we the people allowing this to happen!


  4. feekay
    November 23, 2012 at 12:34 am

    There is absolutely nothing wrong or sinister in KEPAS buying and owning a home in Cairns, Cairo, Cyprus or in the Congo, so long as he purchases the property from his personal earnings. The article here seems to infer that any PNGn that is buying land or house abroad is using public funds. KEPAS wouldn’t have been on a poverty wage at the helm of MRA – I mean, I am sure PNGns in his calibre in the positions they hold can do their arithmetic and stash away a few quid towards investments like a property in Cairns.

    This thing about buying and owning homes sounds like tall poppy syndrome by those that are making a habit of commenting adversely against anyone, including those buying properties through honest means in Cairns.

    Why do we need a bloomin’ revolution when we have a very democratic electoral process where all MPs that are elected are selected by the majority of voters through LPV? What will a revolution achieve? Who needs a frigin’ revolution?

    Rather than talk about a revolution, get the bloomin’ Ombudsman Commission off its bum and down to earth from the lofty heights of Deloitte Tower and get it to start doing some real, honest work. The Commission is almost lost itself in its own machinations of internal politics. WE can’t let this, our lying watchdog lie lest it might lose its bark forever.

    WE can’t keep pointing accusing fingers and start breathing hog’s bad breath down the necks of everyone that happen to be in a position to afford to buy something like a home in Cairns or anywhere.

  5. feekay
    November 23, 2012 at 8:48 am

    If you are going to write about politicians, public servants, private citizens or pervets buying a home in Cairns (or Brisbane, Sydney or near the Ayers Rock), it’d be fair to write a full story. In other words provide all the information that it lays it all out transparently bare information such as jobs or careers of the individual; what the job or career paid; their earning ability and capacity form their positions and any businesses and investments they had; their bank accounts (and the banks may withold the information); some background (bio, history, reputation for example) on the individual; combined wealth and ability and capacity of the individual and his/her family (spouse and adult working children) to make such a purchase; and many other basic information that you needn’t be a super sleuth to obtain and publish for all to see.

    Providing scanned photographs of houses in Cairns suburbia and neighbourhoods, their exact locations and details of R/Estate agents that transacted the deals do not amount to a complete story or to any finding of wrong doing or corruption.

    WE are no longer cave-dwellers lurching in the backyard of civilisation and just content with sitting down cross-legged and unpertubed watching the world go buy. We have well-to-do citizens that have earned their keep honestly and that have every right to live happily and privately in their retirement. Where they choose to do that is their business, eh.

    The rule of fairness and natural justice dictates that must also ask the person(s) that you are writing about and that is going to be affected. The individual may give you all the information you are looking for on a platter – at which point you should stop your wild goose chase unless you are one of these people suffering silently from tall poppy syndromes.

    LET’S be fair because we know that deep down Papua New Guineans are honest and fair-minded people. If elected leaders and public officials are suspected of using (or misusing) public money to make property purchases overseas, come out with the facts that are substantive to proceed to authorities (such as Ombudsman Commission) that have the jurisdiction to investigate.

    Just don’t go knocking people off their pedestal! It’s unfair and uncalled for if you do not have the facts!

    • Leo Vincent
      November 23, 2012 at 3:40 pm

      Yea although one can claim to be inocence for buying homes or owning properties overseas but the reality is our very own backyard. It is sad that those at the higher ecolon of life dream to reach the appex of personal lifelylihood forgeting our origin.
      Which economy are we encouraging and what about our detoriorating social infrasstructure. You know we have millionaires from other countries donating through volunteer services and other aid donation for third world countries while our own millionairs only wish to promote their own lifestyle.
      I mean it is your riches and you can invest according to your thickness of your wallet but be more sympathetic since you have the advantage of acquiring such wealth and be conscious of who you are, your nationality, and your immediate sorroundings.
      Otherwise whatever you do is based on your kind of caliber as a human being. Is it LOVING? Is it SERVING or Is it KINDNESS?
      Sory if these comments are too mean. I hope you will understand as a tru Papua New Guinean.

  6. Molish
    June 17, 2014 at 1:14 pm

    Those are the type of people as we the village people should think of before 2017 election..thankz

  7. July 31, 2015 at 9:32 pm

    Kepas purchased this house after being visited by a malaysian born Chinese business man who is resident in Sydney Australia
    At te time the said business man, one Siew Hong Koh, and his brother, were bidding for the purchase of EL1093, the infamous Mt Kare Project.
    Now there was a bit of a problem in getting the Ministerial recommendation required to transfer an advance gold project to a two Kina nothing company.
    Oh, and the Kohs had falsely represented to the Minister and (of course) to Kepas that they were in bed with a very successful Australian mining company
    These representations were completely fictitious.
    Fraudulent would be a better adjective.
    Thats why Kepas and the Minister needed a bit of encouragement between the months of October and december 2010 to get the process over the line.
    The Koh’s are CORRUPT to the core and are now under investigation in Sydney.
    Nice house their Kepas.
    Put them in jail

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