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William Duma’s K1.3 million house in Cairns

November 19, 2012 Leave a comment Go to comments

This is the $600,000 home Petroleum Minister William Duma owns in the exclusive Cairns suburb of Redlynch.

No. 38 Flindersia is described by real estate agents as:

“a spectacular residence [with] 5 bedrooms and features a parents retreat upstairs with en-suite and balcony”.

“Downstairs there are a further four bedrooms, separate living and media rooms and modern kitchen with stone benchtops and dishwasher. Open plan living areas open out on to two patios”.

“The property is fully air-conditioned and and comes with solar hot water system”.

The property is registered in the name of Willam Marra Duma:

  1. SorryPNG
    November 19, 2012 at 1:49 pm

    Nice one! It would be good if all PNG citizens get into Parliament for 1 term just to buy a house in Australia like Duma has done, Aurthur Somare has done, Paul Tiensten, Justin homo-tchenko with stolen city hall money…SHAME -SHAME-SHAME!

  2. feekay
    November 20, 2012 at 6:06 am

    Firstly, there is nothing wrong for PNGns to purchase homes in Cairns, Cairo, Caymans, Casablanca, Copa Cabana or in the Gulf of Carpentaria. And it isn’t criminal for any of our politicians to purchase and own homes abroad.

    Second, all leaders that come under the jurisdiction and purvey of the Leadership Code are obliged to declare all their bank accounts, assets, associates (including how many wives they have!) in the Ombudsman Commission Annual Returns (Statements) due every year. So, if our authorities are on the ball, our leaders cannot play hide and seek.

    Third, elected leaders are of particular interest to the Omb Commission because of the allegations, accusations, rumour-mongering, etc. that they attract from the public at large who, after voting them into office think they are a fair game. The verbal assaults and stashes the MPs endure in office often defy belief or common courtesy. If the OC does not do its work to protect or “prosecute” leaders to prove or disprove their “guilt” or innocence it is unfair to keep throwing mud and muck and creating an impression that all politicians are bunch and cadre of crooks.

    Fourth, all that our oversight bodies and agencies need to do is take their duties and responsibilities seriously and start doing some real shovel-and-spade type work. This means throwing the laws, the Criminal Code, Leadershi Code, perhaps even the Bible and the wrath of God, at these leaders. This is the most fair, accepted and legitimate way of dealing with any suspicions, allegations, charges and angst against leaders in a country that has accepted the common law thing about being innocent until proven guilty.

    Fifth, it is unacceptable, wrong and corrupt for any leader to use public office as vehicle to enrich themselves monetarily or acquire assets, particularly if this comes to them as a form of payback for favours to outsiders. BUT if leaders are purchasing expensive properties abroad, sure it begs the question where the money comes from particularly if their salaries, benefits and privileges aren’t sufficient to afford the prices of the properties on offer. But a leader has every right to speak in their own defence if they are innocent and tell any accuser to climb back down to earth from the coconut tree and take a look from ground elavation.

    ONLY good, well thought-out and thorough investigations can determine the allegations and doubts in the minds of everyone that jumps up and down against such purchases by leaders such as Duma, the Somares, Tiensten and whoever else we are all too prepared to shoot or cut down. Dumas has even registered the property in his name almost as if to say Ombudsman and our authorities aren’t smart enough to get him or that he has nothing to hide.

    IT may well be that public money has been pilfered and siphoned and carted off overseas to purchase properties. Or it may well be that some leaders are very smart and inventive and can do wonders with the pittance that comes to them as MPs and actually do something with it – it is absolutely possible through wealth management, help from Banks, self-sacrifice measures, etc.

    MAY be it is high time now that we shed light on the slackness, the incompetence and the hairy-fairy fashion in which our oversight authorities and agencies work and what their modus operandi(s) are in the face of all the never-ending choruses of allegations against leaders. As long as they do not function effectively, leaders will keep attracting criticisms and allegations of wrong-doing or of being corrupt. An ICAC type legislation which has been mooted by successive governments does not see the light of day on the floor of Parliament wrong-doers cannot be netted.

    The Dumas, Somares, Tienstens, all MPs are innocent until there is evidence against them proving misconduct in office or of crime and corruption on their person. They deserve a fair and timely investigation to clear their names or prove they have done wrong to deserve disqualification from office.

    It’s frustrating; no wonder hem gat plenty cross na ol kaen kaen swear words sampla mekim. BUT if you can’t prove anything, go eat your words. Or go have a Dawg-Day!

  3. December 18, 2012 at 11:11 am

    Wow! is he a businessman? Does he own a company? …. so so irritating!
    it becomes so weird when you find out the truth.

  4. Truth
    May 9, 2013 at 11:44 am

    To all you clowns who dont know who he was before he became a parlimentarian, he was succesfull lawyer. Theres your answer ‘Jikz’.

  5. Casey
    July 24, 2013 at 6:48 pm

    Duma is a silent achiever and a great leader. If you dont know him i would ask you to go to Blake Dawson Waldron Lawyers and you’ll know more about him.

    Or if its gona be hard for you, just have a tap into the judiciary and legal fratenity and youll get to know who really he is.

    Keypalga Kang Kit Wer Ni Ka, Ama Play Nitin………………

  6. Neng
    February 25, 2014 at 1:39 pm

    Hageners stop boasting about Duma, he is a crook obvious one…noken kism bikname lo liklik lawyer years blo em…he didnt even own a law firm but might have just been a senior lawywer/partner to Dawson Waldron Lawyers. Never heard of him before he became an MP

  7. eagle eye
    June 2, 2014 at 10:13 pm

    Duma has a house in cairns so what? Whats the big deal? Other Papua New Guineans also own houses overseas. Enough of all this negativity, this negative energy will do us no good. If your accusing him of being a crook – well get your hardcore evidence and let the law deal with him. He didn’t steal his current from anyone. He got elected. Peace be with you all.
    his people. So thpolitwith him, en

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