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Disgraced G4S boss at the centre of bulling claims in 2008

November 14, 2012 Leave a comment Go to comments

Bullying claims revealed – Security chief at centre of complaints made by staff

Tuck Thompson | The Courier Mail

A DISGRACED former detective had been the subject of several bullying and harassment complaints since taking a job as senior operations manager for ISS Security in Brisbane, a union official said yesterday.

The claim contradicts a statement from an ISS spokesman that Kerry McNamara was “highly regarded by all who work with him” and “there are no complaints against him from staff”.

Brisbane Airport Corporation has banned Mr McNamara from working at the airport, where hundreds of ISS staff run security checkpoints.

Victoria Police sacked Mr McNamara in 1999 after a disciplinary report accused him of many incidents of unethical and disgraceful behaviour.

He was drummed out of the West Australian police force in 1979 after only three months.

Liquor, Hospitality and Miscellaneous Union state secretary Gary Bullock said a “range of complaints have come in” about Mr McNamara from several workers, prompting a union meeting yesterday with ISS.

Mr Bullock said he told Mr McNamara and ISS Queensland boss Peter Beadle the union was investigating and would take action to stop any alleged abuse of workers.

A former ISS security guard claimed to The Courier-Mail yesterday that he was bullied and forced out of his job by Mr McNamara.

Mark Lenton, of the northern Brisbane suburb of Enoggera, said that after he complained to the union about racist comments being directed at his co-workers at BP’s Bulwer Island refinery, Mr McNamara filled his job without telling him.

“It was very unprofessional and deplorable. He was belligerent and started yelling at me when I was trying to talk to him about what had happened.”

The person making the racist remarks — which were confirmed by one of Mr Lenton’s co-workers — continues to work at the site but Mr Lenton was shifted to a lower-paid job offsite, and has since left ISS.

BP spokesman Chandran Vigneswaran said ISS had not informed his company of the allegations of bullying and racism, and BP would investigate. “We are not treating this lightly,” he said.

BP was not aware of Mr McNamara’s background as a disgraced policeman.

“It was the first we heard of it. We’re very concerned,” Mr Vigneswaran said.

Despite losing his security licence for a year in 2000, Mr McNamara was able to obtain aviation security clearance credentials.

He was working as an ISS divisional director at Melbourne Airport until his background was exposed by the Herald-Sun in October.

Mr McNamara was sacked by Victoria Police after not attending a disciplinary hearing on the charges against him or presenting evidence to defend himself.


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