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Elected leaders failing Nation

October 21, 2012 Leave a comment Go to comments

Governor Gary Juffa | PNG Blogs

The continued presence in Papua New Guinea of Djoko Tjandra, international fugitive, wanted for fraud by Indonesian authorities and Interpol raises serious concerns about whether or not the Government is truly interested in fighting corruption. Djoko TJANDRA’S citizenship was granted under suspicious circumstances without the Citizenship Committee having ever convened to consider his application.

In fact, it was the whim and will of one single parliamentarian on the basis that he was “a major investor”. The message we can deduce is that anyone with a bag of money deemed sufficient as “investment” can and will be granted citizenship. It should concern Papua New Guineans that Djoko Tjandra is the same driving force behind the NAIMA RICE PROJECT which is about to be endorsed and approved by the NEC according to reliable sources.

This project seeks exclusive rights for a foreign owned company to commercialize rice, that is, the cultivation and trade, sale and distribution of rice in Papua New Guinea. This would mean that no other entity – even Papua New Guinean – can cultivate rice for the purpose of trade in Papua New Guinea. The trend of politicians to enter parliament and immediately ignore the very reasons for which they stood, to represent and protect PNG interests, continues. It is rather sad that our parliamentarians are enthusiastic to marginalize our own people, to relegate them to being spectators on their own land, to stand on the outside, looking in, begging bowl in hand and evaporated dreams and aspirations.

I have spoken up about this and against this but to no avail. Even the media seems to be controlled by powerful corporate and government forces with no effort given to publish such stories which should concern Papua New Guineans. Sadly, the sale of our nation continues, the pimping of our future by those elected to protect our interests….Djoko Tjandra is wanted by Interpol, Indonesian authorities for allegedly stealing substantial monies, monies that he may now be investing in PNG, for that, we have granted him citizenship and opened our doors. Politicians and bureaucrats gleefully traverse PNG and the region in his private jet, wine and dine and plot the sale of PNG…

Many of the elected leaders of Papua New Guinea continue to demonstrate a lack of concern for the interests of Papua New Guineans…time and time again, they demonstrate their lack of foresight and concern…the growth of their egos only rivaled by the growth of their girth…with apathy and obnoxious disdain they pursue their own personal interests.

If you know your local MP, demand an explanation about this situation…demand action to prevent this heinous situation developing into reality…Djoko Tjandra’s citizenship MUST be revoked! He is a criminal and MUST be repatriated back to his nation of origin! Demand your local MP’s to do something! Write a letter, present a petition, go on radio and newspapers or even TV! Let us not cheapen our country, let us stop the wholesale pimping of our resources and stand up with dignity. Papua New Guineans, take heed and take action.

Seabed Mining, SABLs, Djoko Tjandra, NAIMA Rice Project, Singapore Scandal, TAIWAN Scam, the list is endless…when are we going to save this country and take back our future before it is too late and we are but mere spectators, living in misery and in abject hopelessness…right now we all eat and have some warmth and comfort at night and imagine that all will be fine…one fine day our children will be hungry and cold, landless and laborers, serving the children of the robbers and thieves we are facilitating now

  1. October 21, 2012 at 7:04 pm

    This is truly a sad era for PNG. Leaders speak loudly about development activities which takes ages to materialize but whisper on personal financial growth from overseas coffers.
    This attitude denies and defraud the originals of the land. The sorry part is when waring tribes fight and kill each other for their candidate who when wins the election only worries about his swollen purse.
    Supporters kill and die while the MP enjoys the glamors of his shiny pennies ringing the ATM bell.
    With all these mysterious corrupt deals still awaiting red print for immediate action, it seems that the democratic system we are currently employing has gone through tear and wear from corrupt activities. We need to mend it or introduce a new kind of democracy. Not adopted from foreign ideologies but home grown democratic system.

    A system in which the judiciary be privatized and operate as an independent entity who would not be politically influence in making decisions and thus can prosecute and charge Parliamentarians without fear or favor. Currently they have strings attached to them (Judges) so as human beings they have their own reservations towards their positions and the government of the day.
    This implies that the judiciary will be taken out from the three arms of the government as it is now. Just like the Ombudsman commission
    So who will act on those delayed cases that are still awaiting governments action?
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  2. ToPam
    October 23, 2012 at 6:06 pm

    It is indeed a worrying scenario. Why are our politicians so ignorant and bewildered with their swollen purse. They speak highly of bringing services to their people during election time, but when it come to crunch time, they hide behind pokie machines and beautiful girls in POM city. Husat i longlong long ol. Let us get real in this issues.

    I hope they get their heads out of the soil and be real leaders and do the right things.

  3. Papa Bill
    October 24, 2012 at 2:59 pm

    Eleana is Joko”s Sister and Sir Soekandra”s brother And IN USA Lily”s a Sister
    All of them BIRDS of a FEATHER


  4. feekay
    October 24, 2012 at 5:46 pm

    If the truth were known about the remuneration of politicians it is not worth talking or arguing about. The truth is, politicians are paid a pittance, both in relative terms to public servants and in terms of the roles, responsibilities and the enormous expectations bundled on them. The talk about “shiny pennies” and “swollen pennies” is ridiculous. The base salaries of MPs is very poor; the allowances and benefits they receive while in office make the salaries look good but it is nothing to write to a grandmother about. Go check with the Salaries and remuneration Commission and you will find this out. PNG can afford, many times over, to pay our politicians better. It is one way of dissuading the habit of putting their fingers in the till.

    • Leo Vincent
      October 26, 2012 at 5:24 pm

      Ok you could be right on salaries and emolument packages, BUT why does my trustee(MP) wants more from my half empty plate which sometimes takes ages to bring atop? In essance this is aluding to taxes charge on salaries, goods and sales tax and other forms of deductions which ends up in the public coffers for general use.
      Him havin the advantage at the apex of social structur pivots here and there sniffin, and snatching using my name for development purpose stores his seeds in a yam house not with the intention to serve me but to prepare for the next season four years down the line. Here I am still digging but the soil is barren or rocky.whatever little I get I’m robbed through means specified above. Who will slide in beside me and say “Here le me help- Arise and walk”
      This is not talking about personal needs but how best my MP can source funding for the purpose of delivering basic needs for my survival in terms of illness, literacy, economic lively hood etc etc…
      I anticipate my MP to be electorate concious and not lliving in Fantacy buying time planting seed in his new backyard flower garden ready for harvest NEXT SEASON.
      As such Governor Juffer rightly puts it in a very simple term- “Eected Leaders Failing The Nation” Keep your Hard earn Salary but give me Service!

  5. Mege xl
    November 3, 2012 at 2:13 pm

    Vote against the 30 months grace period proposed to be lengthened from 18 months-its ample time enough for gluttons to seal the djoko deal. Kick out short, fat bustards like o’neill. We got our own juffa’s and kimisopa’s to reclaim our birth right.

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