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PNG a corrupt ‘Mobocracy’ says Taskforce Sweep

May 10, 2012 10 comments

Eoin Blackwell, AAP 

Corruption in Papua New Guinea’s government departments has become institutionalised, where illegality and secrecy is sanctioned to the extent that the nation is now a “Mobocracy”.

That’s what the government of PNG has been told by its corruption watchdog, Task Force Sweep, which on Thursday handed its final report on its seven-month investigation into malpractice across government agencies.

“Generally our investigations have revealed a very frightening trend of corruption in this country,” taskforce chairman Sam Koim says.

“The level of corruption has migrated from sporadic to systematic and now to institutionalisation, where government institutions are dominated by corrupt people who orchestrate corruption using lawful authorities.

“Institutions that are supposed to practise openness and provide check and balance are now becoming a secrecy haven, where they sanction illegality and secrecy.”

Describing corrupt officials as a mob, Mr Koim said they had turned PNG from a “constitutional democracy into (a) Mobocracy”.

Task Force Sweep was set up by PNG’s government in 2011 to investigate allegations of corruption in key government departments, such as Health and the powerful National Planning and Monitoring.

The full report has yet to be made public, but Mr Koim said 20 politicians will be referred to the ombudsman commission for further investigation, while 24 public servants had been suspended for “facilitating or benefiting from corruption”.

Mr Koim also said more than 10 lawyers will be referred to the PNG law society for investigation.

The taskforce has made headlines in recent months.

Last week, Mr Koim told AAP he had a prepared warrant for PNG’s powerful speaker, Jeffery Nape, although to date it has not been served.

Former foreign and planning minister Paul Tiensten fled to Brisbane in September after being summonsed by the taskforce to answer questions over the misappropriation of funds at the Department of Planning.

His case is now before the courts.

A spokesman for Prime Minister Peter O’Neill said the report would be presented to cabinet for consideration.

Task Force Sweep will continue its investigations.


Is international fugitive Tjandra Joko Soegiarto back in PNG?

May 7, 2012 8 comments

N8989N sitting on the tarmac at Jacksons airport, Port Moresby

A Gulfstream private jet N8989N is currently parked at Port Moresby International Airport. It is alleged this aircraft has brought international fugitive Tjandra Joko Soegiarto back to PNG.

It is alleged Joko is closely associated with a number of PNG politicians and arrived in PNG with large quants of cash. It is further alleged he is trying to negotiate the purchase of 4 million hectares of land.

Is Joku in PNG and if so why is he here?

The allegations

International Indonesian fugutive Joko Chaundra Soegerto wired some Indonesian Government funds offshore from the Reserve Bank of Indonesia for Investment offshore. When the regime changes in Indonesian politics Joko Chaundra Soegerto ran away overseas and hide in Malayasia and then to other countries because the Indonesian Government wanted him to return that Investment funds back to Indonesian people.

In PNG 90 percent of logging companies are owned by the Malayasians in partnerships with PNG politicans who are corrupt and are directors of most of the logging companies, retailing and oil palm industry. Joko Chaundra Soegerto has family members in connection to some of these operations in PNG and in retailing business. Joko Chaundra Soegerto is related through blood family lines and investment in PNG through PAPINDO group of companies and Super Value Stores (SVS) group of company’s diversfying to Real Estate companies and now into rice production through the Minister for Foreign Affairs in Central province. They are now applying for oil and gas industry with mining exploration in Papua New Guinea.

Joko Chaundra Soegerto is the friend of many PNG national government ministers both in the current Oniell/Namah government as well as the faction with the Chief Somare and his son Arthur Somare in the opposition. Meaning most of the parlimentarians go to bed with the Malayasian and some Indonesian Businessman like Joko Chaundra Soegerto with his family members and associates.

All this has happened that has leaded the PNG Government Falcon Jet issue with the Indonesians military jets escorting the governmernt jet to PNG/Indonesian boarder last year. The basic truth is that when the PNG government Jet takes off the International fugutive Joko Chaundra Soegerto’s jet took off at the same time in one of the airport in Indonesia.

Some funds transferred from Malayasian Banks have been off loaded from the International fugutive Joko Chaundra private jet to PNG Government jet in Indonesia where both jets landed for the delivery of cash in suitcases.When the Kumul jets landed at the Jackson air port in PNG most of those suit cases have not been checked by the PNG Customs and Immagration officers.Therefore there are some facts associated in the movement of hard cash by Deputy Prime Minister Belden Namah with his delegation last year to Malayasia.

On Friday April 27, 2012 at 7.45am International Indonesian fugutive Joko Chaundra Soegerto’s Jet all white with green stripes with registeration number N8989N landed in Port Moresby,Jackson International Airport with 3 suitcases may be full of cash and other items.He was met by Prime Minister of Papua New Guinea Hon.Peter Oniell and his Deputy Prime Minister Belden Namah.There  was no Immagration and Customs checks and clearance  because the officers were told by the Immagration Director General not to do any thing.

As of today Tuesday May 2, 2012 the International Indonesian fugutive Joko Chaundra Soegerto’s jet is still parked near the Air Niugini cargo Terminal manned by a Blue 10 Seater Vehicle LBD 337 all tinted.From the very relaible sources International Indonesian fugutive Joko Chaundra Soegerto has been given a PNG Citizenship passport and Joko Chaundra Soegerto has transmitted US$52 Billion from Dubai to Singapore awaiting to be transmitted from Singapore to Papua New Guinea.

This matter has been reported to Australian High Commission office in Port Moresby on April 28, 2012 and nothing has been done to date.Please we need assistance to crub money laundering and corruption in PNG politics and economy.