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Inquiry begins but Mr Sharp hasn’t shown up

An inquiry into a ferry disaster that killed at least 100 people in February has begun in Papua New Guinea, reports Liam Fox.

The Rabaul Queen ferry sank off Lae, on PNG’s north coast.

Estimates of the death toll from different state agencies range from 100 to more than 200.

Counsel assisting the inquiry Mal Veritimos said it will be an important task to establish the exact number of victims and their identities.

Mr Veritimos said Peter Sharpe, the managing director of the ferry’s operator, Rabaul Shipping, has been summoned to testify this afternoon.

But Mr Sharpe’s lawyer told the commission that might not be possible because his client is having difficulty getting a flight from Rabaul to Port Moresby.

  1. Street Toktok
    April 11, 2012 at 7:02 pm

    peter sharp…plis noken giaman nabaut long delayim “inquiry” long go ahead….man you are big enough to have made arrangements to attend…what’s so difficult for you getting a flight out of tokua aiport..

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