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O’Neill says student allowances will stay

Prime Minister Peter O’Neill has assured university students and their parents that there has been no decision to cease student allowances, writes The National.

He was responding to comments by Transport and Works minister Francis Awesa that the government had decided to stop the allowances because of the students’ decision to boycott classes and oppose the new judicial conduct law.

O’Neill said he had talked to Awesa who had no right to speak on the matter and advised him to speak only on matters under his responsibility. He has also asked Awesa to apologise to the students and parents.

“I assure students and parents that there is no such decision and their allowance will be paid,” he said.

He said the involvement of students on issues of national importance should not be underestimated and all education programmes initiated by the government would not be reviewed or stopped as a result of their participation.

Awesa wanted to make a personal explanation in Parliament during Question Time yesterday but was not permitted to do so. Awesa later met the Prime Minister to explain his comments, and the Prime Minister was satisfied his comments were not intended as reported in the newspaper.

  1. Supermangi
    April 8, 2012 at 6:51 pm

    A wonderful attempt at bribing the students into silence. Will they be bribable? That’s the question!

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