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Court refused to grant injunction against Judicial Conduct law

By Todagia Kelola

WHILE the full Supreme Court bench was hearing the Chief Justice’s disqualification application on Tuesday, lawyers for [The Grand Thief – editor] Michael Somare and Sir Arnold Amet went to another Supreme Court to restrain Parliament and others from implementing the Judicial Conduct Act of 2012 on the basis that if the Chief Justice refuses to disqualify himself, Parliament will use this law to suspend him.

Counsel for the two men Kerenga Kua made a brief appearance before Justice Derek Hartshorne sitting as a one man bench and tried to seek the interim injunction exparte but Justice Hartshorn refused and ordered that the other parties be served and appear before him this morning.

The urgent application according to Mr Kerenga is to ensure that the new act which was certified last Friday by the Speaker, is not used or implemented so that the hearing of the Supreme Court Reference is not disturbed in any way by suspending members of the current bench.

Justice Hartshorn in refusing to hear the application exparte ordered that the application is adjourned to 9am this morning. Applicants to serve the respondents Speaker, Jeffery Nape, Attorney General Dr Allan Marat, Prime Minister Peter O’Neill and Members of the NEC by personal service on their lawyers who are appearing in SCR 1 and 2 of 2012.

  1. Tia
    April 5, 2012 at 7:06 am

    Todagia, if it wasn’t for the Grand Thief as you so righteously wrote in your artcle, u bai kaikai pekpek lo Milne Bay stap. Anyway, what’s a highly esteemed journalist like you doing posting in the underground media? Na niuspepa, TV na radio? Somare stopim? Mi lap lo yu. Noken ai pas.

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