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Students’ bid to protect democracy laudable

Passingan Taru

As a parent of adult children and on behalf of the silent majority of PNG I take this occasion to thank each an every person who have spoken their mind on this very important cause for democracy [the Judicial Conduct law] on which the Constitution of PNG plays a vital role.

I declare without any shadow of doubt that the Constitution of the Independent State of Papua New Guinea is the SUPREME LAW which had created all the institutions of government in which it demarcate the separation of power between the three arms of the government; the legislator, executive and judiciary, which is the foundation of democracy.

You are not isolated in this pursuit rather you have the backing of the 6 and half million people of this nation.

I strongly advice that you have an objective to achieve and that is to complete your studies with flying colour and one day do not make the same mistake in ambushing and abusing the Constitution in any way that is detriment to democracy rule.

The people have heard your views and stand are indeed in total support towards your initiative and stand on the threat to democratic rule.

I would advice that the students should be encouraged to organise public forums at the respective institutions and invite senior citizens to speak at your selected venues. This arrangement would encourage positive debating to take place as well educational to all our citizens.

I make a commitment to attend any public forum at the University of Technology in Lae or even in the University of PNG campus or University of Goroka.

I unconditional uphold the Constitution of PNG as the SUPREME LAW and the pillar of democracy.

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