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Unions want govt to repeal law

Harlyne Joku

Executives of key union groups responsible for vital services in the country have strongly recommended that when Parliament meets next Tuesday it must repeal the Judicial Conduct law as its first business of the day.

Seven members of the main unions PNG Power, the PNG National Airlines Employees Association, (NAEA) National Doctors Association (NDA), the PNG Bankers and Financial Institution Workers Union (PNGBFIWU), Telecommunication Workers Union, nurses and the Public Employees Association (PEA)made the call after holding a meeting at the PNG Trade Union Congress headquarters yesterday morning in relation to the issue.

They resolved that parliament on Tuesday puts on notice as its first business of the day to repeal the act.

“MPs must make it their priority to repeal the Act and take the proposed Act back to the public and stakeholders including the civil society, private sector, unions and credible organisations to make their recommendations on the bill,” they jointly stated.

They further urged Chief Justice Salamo Injia to step aside and allow an independent inquiry into allegations of his misconduct to uphold the integrity of the judiciary.

The union executives also called for the resignation of the Chief Ombudsman and commissioners for being silent and ineffective in relation to the allegations against the Chief Justice. The union executives previously warned of a course of action to be taken before Christmas last year over the political impasse. They now further warn that the current government must not defer the 2012 elections.

“Let the current MPs face the General Elections and allow the people to vote in their choice of good leaders according to the constitution,” they said.

The union executives included the President of PNGTUC, Michael Malabag, President of PNG Bankers and Financial Workers Union (PNGBFWIA) Anton Sekum, President of PNG National Doctors Association Joe Pomat, President of National Airlines Employees Association Joseph Kimat and General Secretaries of PNG Power, PNG Telecommunication Workers Union and the Nurses Association.

  1. March 28, 2012 at 8:06 pm

    I can’t understand why Gabriel Kapris honestly believes the PNG public will “accept” the Judicial Conduct Act 2012 after the Constitutional Law & Reform Commission looks over it at Peter O’Neill’s request.

    The response from the PNG public has been unanimous in condemning the law. I have yet to read any group, or let alone, any individual outside of Parliament actually state publicly that the Judicial Conduct Act 2012 should remain.

  2. JUDY
    March 28, 2012 at 11:10 pm

    It long last the necessary actions by the unions to agree to go along with the current trend of opposition is so good a piece of new I have come to read here in a long while…I really hope it materializes…we shall see come next week.

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