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Unitech students rally behind UPNG over Judicial Conduct law

By Gabriel Lahoc

The Papua New Guinea University of Technology (Unitech) students have thrown their support behind their colleagues from the University of Papua New Guinea and have called on the government not to gazette the controversial Judiciary Bill.

A student signature collection exercise is underway in campus to gather more than two-thirds of the Unitech student population.
It will allow them to stage a boycott of classes to protest the passage of this controversial bill, which is yet to be signed by parliament speakers Jeffrey Nape before it can be gazetted.

Unitech student representative council president Joe Kao­wai said the student body was neutral and did not support the government nor the opposition but wanted a wider consultation and more time for debate before the passing of the bill.

He said the bill’s effect was sensitive which should not go unchallenged, as it would affect everyone in the country.

“If it means for us to sacrifice we will sacrifice, we know it’s election time but we don’t want things to get out of hand,” Kaowai said.

Unitech held a forum last Friday on campus which was attended by a SRC representative from UPNG and some law students, who explained the issues behind the bill which was rushed through parliament in a space of 24 hours.

Kaowai described the bill’s passage as the fastest bill in the nation’s history and called on Prime Minister Peter O’Neill to revisit the bill, as the student body after studying its effects believed that it was for the interest of a few people and would consequently weaken the judiciary.

“We are a developing nation and cannot follow the examples of other nations,” SRC forum coordinator Wale Molumi said.

“The consequences will be detrimental and we will do anything under the sun to save the nation.”

  1. Drex
    March 28, 2012 at 2:35 pm

    University students cannot and will not change anything with their boycotts. That is total waste of parent hard-earned cash down the drain. If the TIPNG, opposition, service organisations, general public cannot do anything about this subject then the possibility of success from non service institutions like universities is non-impact. Students can boycott their class and wait for even half a year, that will not surface to satisfy the concern masked universities, no the poor parents who are the stakeholders.

    I suggest the TIPNG, opposition and concern governmental bodies, services bodies like teachers,doctors etc.. to join hands for the change!

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