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Attorney General tries to provoke a tribal war over Judicial Conduct law

Students from Enga blamed for opposition to PNG government’s controversial judges bill

Papua New Guinea’s Attorney General says that people from Enga Province are misleading the general public over the government’s bid to remove the Chief Justice.

Dr Alan Marat made the comment while defending the new controversial Judicial Conduct law which gives government the power to suspend judges.

The law has been criticised by sections of the legal community, university students and civil society as an erosion of the independence of the judiciary.

Dr Marat says the law was a necessary enactment to get around the judiciary’s moves to stop government attempts to suspend Sir Salamo Injia, an Engan, over alleged misuse of funds.

“Enga students at the University, they are the ones organising all of this. And this is a kind of pain in the… mind. How can we stop this kind of thinking of regionalism? I mean the position (Chief Justice) belongs to the almost seven million people of Papua New Guinea, it does not just belong to the people of Enga.”

  1. March 27, 2012 at 11:00 am

    Dr Marat, I think what is in your heart has come out of your mouth..you are a regionalistic person at heart… Its is also a fact that in your time as attorney there has been unprecedented attack on the constitution, judiciary and gross abuse of parliamentary processes…it’s your advice to the cabinet that has caused all this…if you deny this than you are just a puppet of Oneil/Nama!! With this kind of law, do you ever think the judge will ever sentence a government minister?? I doubt it!

  2. john ray
    March 27, 2012 at 1:25 pm

    Dr. Alan Marat is a lawyer by profession and now a politician and for him to come out and make such comments is unbecoming of a leader who is given the mandate to think and then lead by example. And for Dr. Marat who has a degree, a masters degree and also a doctorate how could such person go as low to make such unfounded comments without proper evidence. Oops, sori being a lawyer he should know that you have to adduce credible evidence in court to advance your argument. Very, very shameful.

  3. chief marfii
    March 27, 2012 at 10:13 pm

    Politicians nowadays are money-orientated servants! They don’t even care about their own children’s future!Sin must be called by its right name.Papua New Guinea is definiately going to the dogs! NO LEADERS will ever change the direction Papua New Guinea is travelling now. The only solution is INDIVIDUAL RESPONSIBILITY!Wherever we are, let us try to do what is right.Our ethics and moral principles are God-given. Papua New Guinea is trully blessed by God and God is in charge of PNG.Not Allan Marat, Peter O’Neil, Sir Michael Somare,and the list goes on. Personally, i think we should even not consider voting because if new MPS get into parliament, they will continue on stealing and squandering the blessings of Papua New Guinea.No body will be a honest leader.Never will there be an honest leader. All we got to do now is believe in ourselves. If our leaders cannot bring tangible developments, who will bring it?
    eVERY POLITICIAN TODAY are not perfect. Who can be able to change Papua New Guinea. Corruption is systemic and systematic!
    Wherever we are, we take individual responsibility. We do what is right.
    Personally, i dont believe in the government system. I don’t know if a government is in place too. Everyday, politicians back-bite and argue at each other! What is happening????
    Papua New Guinea is NOT a democratic nation. What shall we categorize Papua New Guinea as?
    We have the best brians but corruption is detonating and blowing up the bright cells inside!! Corruption is here to stay!!
    Nobody will eradicate corruption.
    The only option to ERADICATE CORRUPTION is to form an elite anti-corruption team and start ASSASSINATING people who are involved in corrupt deals. That includes the simple security to the CEO of a company. Many people will fear their death and won’t involve heavily in corruption and gradually will stop!
    The only solution is to ASSASSINATE CORRUPT PEOPLE IN PNG!!!!

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