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Solomon Queen on fire – update

By Aloysius Laukai

Three Rabaul Shipping (Starship’s) vessels owned by Peter Sharp, Solomon Queen, Kopra 1 and Kopra 4 have been set on fire on the early hours of this morning.

Fire was lit on the Solomon Queen which was tied to the two other ships and then were released from mooring at the Buka wharf.

Three ships then drifted with the tide towards Sohano island.

This occured at about 1am and up to 9am this morning fire had gone to the two ships.

And due to the current change the three burning boats could return towards Buka town posing a risky situation in town.

It is believed those people who have been holding on to the ships burnt the over frustrations because Peter Sharp did not meet their demands to compensate relatives of those who perished in the Mv Rabaul Queen Disaster in the Morobe waters on 2nd February.

The Autonomous Bougainville Government has since dissassociated itself from involving in this problem.

Its lawyer Chris Siriosi had earlier said that this was the work of relatives of those who died on the Mv Rabaul Queen.


  1. March 18, 2012 at 1:54 am

    Peter Sharp will not care as to whether or not his three ships were burnt.

    No doubt all three ships are insured and he will get a rather large insurance package including that of MV Rabaul Queen to bank into his personal cheque account.

    At the end of the day, Peter Sharp can go on and on about MV Rabaul Queen being the best ship he had – that doesn’t excuse the negligent behavior exercised as operational policy within his shipping empire.

  2. Jez
    March 19, 2012 at 2:06 pm

    One thing Peter Sharp cannot change for sure is; he has learnt a lesson. If he wants to operate in the NGI, including Bougainville again, he really has to improve the safety aspects of his ships to 100%, including buying a bigger and better/faster ship in the future.

  3. PK
    March 20, 2012 at 12:12 pm

    Peter Sharp is a Master Mariner, a Master Conspirator, a Master Wheeler and Dealer and a Master craftsman when it comes to having his Way in the industry he is involved in. He is what they term in today’s jargon about successful individuals and entrpreneurs, an Outlier. Not a liar.

    So he is not going to go away from PNG. He is too successful to see it all just fizzle away or evaporate. This is a country that has turned softies and the modest into tough hard nuts. This is PNG and Sharp has become ever more sharper in the environment that is shrouded in kastom, culture of tribal fights, infested with corrupt deals and corrupt politicians and where it isn’t easy or enough to wait for things to happen.

    With Bougainville he has met his match – literally confronted with those that will strike a match if you cannot negotiate with them. Bougainville is not Somalia! Nor is it’s shoreline and beaches about to become the Skeleton Coast akin to Namibia.But if Momis and ABG cannot exercise legal authority and care over law and order the perpetration and perpetuation of threats to humans, property and investment is not going to go away.

    There is an investigation starting soon on the ill-fated voyage and Bougainvillean and other lives lost at sea in one of Sharp’s decrepit vessels. All of Sharp’s vessels would never be allowed to be on waters in Australia, NZ, UK, USA and many other countries. Only in PNG is anything and everything possible because of bribery, corruption and the fact that decisions over many businesses and matters requiring government approvals and sanctions aren’t done in Board Rooms but in clubs and restaurants.

    Bougainville should take heed and take this advice. You are not a Province, you are an Autonomous Region. You have an autonomous Parliament, the House of Representatives which sounds more respectable than our Haus Tambaran. You can pass and make your own laws. You have a President who is up there with our PM not with corrupt provincial Governors and so on. You have a very manageable and a generally a well-behaved population; more than enough resources than you can ever use yourselves; a small Island that can be turned into a Kuwait of the Pacific (according to late Kabui). Most of all you have been given both constitutional and political licensces to shape Bougainville into a State or country as you like via the vote on Referendum.

    So bugger! Why be held hostage or ransom by Peter Sharp or by our corrupt politicians.
    Do something. You have been given the opportunity that no other province will or may never have – or indeed an opportunity that countries do not accord to a part of their territory or province to become! Peter Sharp will not change. Bougainvilleans have the opportunity to change things for the better.

    Get your own schooners, ferries, boats. Create an environment to attract investors that will go there and it better and safer than Sharp. Until and unless you start kicking leaders, you will always be dependent of Sharpie’s boats! Unless you invest seriously in education you will always have young people leave the Island to seek schooling outside.

    The burning of Kopra 1, Kopra 11 and Solomon Queen is not going to dissuade the Master Mariner from carrying on business in PNG. He is an Outlier and Outliers just pick up the pieces and move on.

    The ABG, individuals and families of individuals can take their matter to court as a criminal or civil suit after the Investigation team completes its task. Read on Princess Ashika in Tonga.

  1. July 14, 2012 at 4:39 pm

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