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Foreigners false promises dressed up as economic development are destroying us

Gary Juffa via ACT NOW!

The warning bells signaling the end of life as we have known it, can be heard.

International organizations [are] created by the wealthy nations to enhance their coffers even further whilst posing as concerned benefactors for resource rich developing nation.

Elected leaders happily dance to [their] tunes as the vultures that hover over our Pacific nation calculate how best to enter, rape and pillage an economy, an ancient land, to suck its natural resources dry and displace maim and kill its people. Whatever it takes, “agree upon our terms or prepare for war, economic or military.”

The elected leaders of the soon to be victims, the people nations such as Papua New Guinea, whose leaders, eagerly and ecstatically pointing out where our riches are, having abandoned their people along with their hopes, dreams and aspirations in their hope for crumbs and perhaps access to the prestigious realm of the “rich ruling classes”.

The riches beneath our earth, becoming curses rather then the blessings they could be, spelling destruction of Our Melanesian Way of life. Now the bells toll louder.

Our only true form of security, land, about to be snatched from under us in elaborate schemes and scams designed by the tools of the oppressors. The international organizations cleverly designed by the most powerful economies who fund and ensure their very existence, wolves parading in their sheepskin, clear the path for the scavengers that teem and writhe and surge driven by insatiable greed.

Globalization has modernized piracy and resurrected the age of the Lord and the serf.

Enter Corporatedom…prepare Papua New Guinea to serve your new masters, sell your future and abandon your dreams. This is but reality. Our oceans, valleys, rivers and plains packaged and prepared for sale. The receipts received by liars who claim authority through ignorant ballot and have now but to deliver

  1. PK
    March 5, 2012 at 11:42 pm

    It’s all too gloomy to read; rather unpalatable to consume and too depressing to think about. And yet we read it in our two daily papers all the time. It is no longer just in the front pages but all over the papers now. As if the horrible fodder fed to us by the papers isn’t enough, most of the stuff in the social media sounds like we are all trying to put out brush fires while the inferno is consuming us unattended. Melanesian Way? We may be a Melanesian society but we do not live in a Melanesian world no more. It’s a sad indictment of how much we are in such a hurry to catch up with the west and its insanity with material wealth and globilization.

  2. ambo
    March 6, 2012 at 4:06 pm

    Its too much to talk about. Leaders and people are busy on wealth and materialism. How will PNG ever become stronger in all aspects of developments? All kinds of power struggle, decentralization, development strategies seem to add more fuel to already deteriorating PNG. I have stated to email contacts that there is only one powerful trigger for nation building spirit but will be very late. We touched a tip of that last time with Indonesian jet fighters! The next time will be precision missiles, and pointing to capitals POM, Lae, Mt Hagen. When that kind of intelligence comes around a ten years from today or less, every tom, dick and harry, every MP will piss in their pants, you will not have time to make babies at night.
    That kind of thing will get ‘us’ stupid PNG to fix our radar and talk ‘nation building’. Eradicate corruption, improve all aspect of natural resources management, fiscal management, law and order. Right now we are like prevalent waterlilies in the sepik wara until we have a competitor who brings real challenges.

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