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Plenty of questions raised by the slaying of Police Commander Charles Parinjo

February 26, 2012 Leave a comment Go to comments

Police Station Commander Charles Parinjo has reportedly been murdered at Kaindi in Wewak, East Sepik Province.

Scores of heavily armed Police are in the area and houses have been burnt. The police vehicle PSC Parinjo was driving in, its windows were stoned and the vehicle badly damaged from stones and other objects thrown at it.

It is believed it was Parinjo who stood between Somare Jnr and Wararu when Somare wanted to shoot Wararu a couple of years ago. That incident related to the storm water  drainage project investigation into the Somare family owned company that was supposed to do the works. Parinjo later fled Wewak after trying to arrest Somare.

It is believed Parinjo knew far too much and was moving dangerously close to the inner circle of power.

Parinjo’s death comes just a week after Task Force Sweep was sent into East Sepik.

First reports suggested Parinjo was driving on his way and saw few drunks on the road and stopped his vehicle and came down and tried to remove them from the road. While there a PMV drove by and hit him. From there the drunkeds and everybody rushed to him, and the story was that they have hit him with the bar, sticks and other materials and also dragged him on the tar.

But later stories suggest he was stabbed to death and those who are being suspected of the incident are now in hiding.

Parinjo was one of the faithful hard working Police Officers that we only have few of in our communities… All the good citizens of Wewak will definitely miss his service to the communities.

But questions remain unanswered such as why was the crowd there? There must have been a reason? Is this election related or a Task Sweep related death? His death was or may have been politically motivated?

What about the alleged Police personnel who were reported to have entered through foot patrol to attack him, because he had issued orders to his police officers to support the residents who had provided resistance to the Sweep team ???? Is this just speculation?

Police Chief flees after Somare Jnr arrest

  1. Worried
    February 26, 2012 at 6:26 pm

    Isn’t this the SECOND person that Arthur Somare has had murdered? Didn’t he also have murdered some fellow who was mucking around with his wife? (not that Arthur doesn’t run a full concubine of mistresses, one or more in every PNG town!).

    • Ben jovie
      February 27, 2012 at 8:25 pm

      @Worried: WTF are you going on about?? he has done no such thing and and has no such mistresses. spreading such rubbish is stupid and immature! what hard evidence do you have that suggests he has done such things! Please stop spreading rumours! i know his family well and he loves his wife and has 4 kids (just being there for his family takes a lot of time…so he does not have spare time to full around) and also court case and the working politics is not enough stress. you must have him confused with beldan namah & o’neil.

  2. jinny
    March 30, 2014 at 8:52 pm

    Who ever is responsible for his death….. Always remember that you have his blood on your hands and someday you wil ripe more than you sow….. 😦

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