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Police cause trouble at Tumbi landslide Haus Krai

February 24, 2012 Leave a comment Go to comments
Joseph Warai, via Facebook

Today at 5:00pm, LNG police from Komo fired shots at the Haus Krai at Tumbi. It is believed a young boy was shot at, People including the women who were at the house krai of the 25 perished, attacked the police, resulting in damage to 2 police vehicles and they grabbed 3 guns. The policemen were drunk and locals found 3 cartoons of beer in the police vehicle. According to locals, these LNG police have been illegally selling beer in area despite an alcohol ban.

Total of 12 policemen were attacked with sticks and stones from the disaster hauskrai at Tumbi. People confiscated 3 police guns and damaged the two vehicles. 2 guns were returned to Police at Tari one is yet to be given back. 12 SP beer bottles were found in the police vehicle. The policemen were providing security to LNG. They stopped to arrest some drunkards at the house krai but it backfired on them as they were also drunk.

  1. JUDY
    February 24, 2012 at 7:45 am

    And we say we a capable to police ourselves,but such an incident and many others in recent past of PNGs history; I am sorry to say but we do not know when to draw the line between job and doing other things in the line of duty..in this case upholding law and order..how idiotic can we become not only to ourselves but to the outside world also.

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