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MV Solomon Queen crew abandoned by Rabaul Shipping

February 15, 2012 Leave a comment Go to comments

By Fabian Gatana

CREW members of the MV Solomon Queen, currently grounded at Buka Wharf, are frustrated over the inhumane treatment being given to them by their management and the boss of Rabaul Shipping.

In an interview with the Post-Courier yesterday, they said that since their vessel was grounded last Thursday by ex-combatants they had been left to fend for themselves and had been totally neglected.

The crew which includes two foreigners said that they were now relying on donations being given to them by business houses in Bougainville. A crew member, who wished to remain anonymous in case his comments have repercussions on his job, said that since last Thursday they have had no word from the Rabaul Shipping management inquiring about their situation or informing them of their next course of action.

He said that even the management of the Rabaul Shipping branch in Buka had not gone and visited them and enquired about their situation or listened to their concerns. He said that they felt that the company had disowned them as it did not “want anything to do with them’’.

Another crew member said that the vessels owner, Peter Sharp, was more concerned with making money for himself then looking at the well-being of the crew of all three ships grounded at Buka Wharf.

He said that the treatment being given to them by the ex-combatants was far better than what they were getting from their employer and company owner Mr Sharp.

The crew, however, assured Mr Sharp that all three vessels were being taken care of, in accordance with the guarantee given by the ex-combatants.

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