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Landholders launch their own probe into landslide

February 13, 2012 Leave a comment Go to comments

By Mal Taime

THE affected landowners of Tumbi Quarry landslip in Tari, Hela Province, have engaged an investigation team to establish the cause of the disaster.

The landslide which occurred three weeks ago was described as the worst in the country. It claimed 25 lives, damaged properties worth thousands of kina and cut of the road linking Tari and Komo.

The investigation team of engineers, surveyors, geologists, doctors, lawyers, environmental scientists, foresters and geographic scientists arrived in Tari last Wednesday and conducted two days investigations.

They will compile a final report together to find out the actual cause of Tumbi quarry landslip because the people did not experience such worse disasters in their lives since Oil and Gas were found in their area.

The landowners believe strongly that the landslide was a man-made disaster, while the Exxon Mobil maintains its that it was a natural disaster.

It is understood that Exxon Mobil and the Government may engage their own investigation team to conduct investigation, but the landowners wasted no time in engaging their own team because it is important for the three parties to have their own teams representing them.

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