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Ferry disaster could have been avoided

February 7, 2012 Leave a comment Go to comments


THE sinking of mv Rabaul Queen is Papua New Guinea’s worst ma­ritime disaster. I sympathise with those who have lost loved ones.

While nature may have had a hand in it, the disaster could have been avoided as there was a forecast of strong winds and high seas.

The vessel should have been grounded or the management could have reduced the number of passengers so that in the case of disaster, everyone would have a life jacket and life rafts would be able to accommodate all passengers. I wonder if there were enough life jackets for every passenger.

I believe the shipping company should take responsibility and stop blaming Mother Nature.

Since strong winds and high seas had been forecasted, it could have taken preventative mea­sures.  Instead of being blinded by profit, it should have put its “social responsibility” cap on and made the right decision. What is a couple of days’ loss in business compared to a hundred lives lost?

Mother Nature will always be unforgiving, furious and harsh, but humans – the most intelligent beings on earth – should always be prepared. More so humans who have had training and schooling to make the right choices.

  1. February 7, 2012 at 1:06 pm

    PS, has been running his business in the country for so long that by now he should be more than aware of the weather conditions of PNG and easily predict whether or not it was a good day for travelling before allowing the ship to sail. Not only that but from a normal human instict he and the captain can obviously realise there is danger in the weather and not send the ship out. This is obviously a profit driven motive that caused the lives of 300 plus passengers.

    Hope they pay the price for their arrogant decisions.

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