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Names, numbers of kids under three not recorded on Rabaul Queen

February 6, 2012 Leave a comment Go to comments

Out of the 381 people, there were over 40 children above the age of three and almost 100 students were listed.

By Grace Tiden

CHILDREN under the age of three including infants were not included in the ill-fated MV Rabaul Queen passenger list as they usually travel free of charge, reports the Post Courier.

According to the vessel’s passenger list which was released to East New Britain authorities over the weekend, there were 381 people on board the MV Rabaul Queen.

However, the number of people did not include the crew and children under the age of three that may have boarded the vessel.

Out of the 381 people, there were over 40 children above the age of three and almost 100 students were listed.

A total of 148 passengers including those who had traveled in from Buka had bought one-way tickets from Rabaul to Lae at the Rabaul Shipping headquarters and 88 passengers had bought tickets at the company’s ticket office in Kokopo.  This did not include the passengers traveling from Buka and Rabaul to Kimbe.  Around 145 were listed on the company’s passenger list in Kimbe bound for Lae.  Rabaul Shipping gave the list to the East New Britain Provincial Disaster Committee after a meeting last Friday.

The disaster committee had stepped in to assist family and relatives of those who had been on board the Rabaul Queen and had asked the company to release the list.

The committee has set up two counseling centres in Rabaul and Kokopo so family and relatives of the disaster victims could get information and counseling.

ENB Provincial Administrator and chairman of the ENB Provincial Disaster Committee Aquila Tubal went on air on NBC East New Britain last Friday to confirm the disaster and say sorry to the families of the victims.

Together with his other committee members, Mr Tubal also announced the set up of the two counseling centres and told the people of the province that the disaster office was working closely with the Morobe Disaster Office and Rabaul Shipping to address the aftermath of the disaster.

An officer from the disaster office was now in Lae to confirm the number of ENB survivors and those who were still missing where he will relate the information back to the ENB Provincial Disaster Committee.

  1. Karsie
    February 6, 2012 at 11:39 pm

    It amazes me to read that the shipping company has not provided a manifest and also claimed that the number of children who boarded where not recorded either. If that is the scenario then how did they arrive at the figure 40 for children? If the shipping company can’t ascertain the actually number of adults by sex and age who boarded, then certainly they can’t arrive at reliable figure for children as they have. Where is the logic?

  2. Lani
    February 8, 2012 at 11:00 am

    Where is the common sense and basic safety?
    These were people they were transporting, not stones or bricks.
    How could they not have accounted for everybody travelling with them?
    For that period of time while travelling they were responsible for these people and this just shows how they viewed that responsibility and the safety of their passengers, people with lives and families.

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