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Ombudsman Commission to probe Oro disaster funds

February 3, 2012 Leave a comment Go to comments

The Ombudsman Commission will be moving quickly to investigate many allegations in the disaster stricken Northern Province in both the provincial administration and disaster restoration funds.

The Chief Ombudsman Chronox Manek confirmed this to the Post-Courier while expressing his sympathy to the people facing disaster throughout the country due to heavy rains and the recent mudslide in the Hides Gas Project area in the Southern Highlands Province last week.

Mr Manek said misuse of public monies and bad leadership was a man-made disaster that affected the lives of many of our citizens, especially those living in rural areas.

“However, the worst comes to worst when funds allocated to save lives are misused by those who are entrusted to save lives,” he said.

Mr Manek said his officers in numerous occasions visited Northern Province and people were still living in care centres with little support in terms of rehabilitation, visitations by government officers and provision of government services in helping them to rebuild their lives.

In fact, it had been reported that there was nil government services for people to rebuild their lives.

“This draws a conclusion as where all the millions of kina allocated by the National Government had gone to. This brings to a question also as to whether we are placing the right people in the right positions to deliver what the Government intends to deliver throughout the country,” Mr Manek asked.

Mr Manek confirmed a number of complains on the misuse of public funds.

He said the recent allegations relating to diversion and misuse of public funds by the administration, were among those the commission would look at. The chief ombudsman said public service heads in the provinces must be true in serving their people and appointments must be done in merits since the power to hire and fire now rests with the public service heads in the provinces.

Mr Manek also said persons entrusted to deliver in emergencies must deliver with honesty because at the end of the day, God would judge you.

“In Northern Province alone, many allegations have surfaced since the 2007 Tropical Cyclone Guba disaster and the Ombudsman Commission will deal with these allegations immediately,” he said.

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