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Police charge the man behind the mutiny

January 29, 2012 Leave a comment Go to comments

Liam Fox

Police in Papua New Guinea have arrested and charged the man who led last week’s failed military mutiny.

Colonel Yaura Sasa was arrested at a lodge in the Port Moresby suburb of Boroko last night.

Today he made a brief appearance in the Waigani committal court.

Outside court Colonel Sasa said he had been charged with mutiny, but that he is not guilty.

He said he does not regret his actions but that he hopes the situation will now calm down.

He also complained about his treatment at the hands of authorities

“Last night when I was down at the police headquarters I had no access to a lawyer up until now, so the procedures that I went through, it doesn’t seem right,” he said.

After the court appearance he was taken back to the Boroko police station under heavy guard.

Last Thursday, Colonel Sasa and around 20 rebel soldiers stole into Murray Barracks and took the commander of the defence force hostage.

He said he had been appointed as the new commander by Sir Michael Somare, and demanded Sir Michael be reinstated as prime minister.

But before the day was over, the commander had been freed and the rebels had withdrawn from defence headquarters.

Sir Michael is yet to comment publicly about the attempted mutiny.

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