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Interpol fugitive on PNG government jet

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TNI scrambled jets but stopped short of forcing Falcon to land after learning Deputy PM was aboard

By: Fafti Yoko via PNG Blogs

This is to all the people of this so-called Independent State of Papua New Guinea, aka Christian country or whatever prestigious vocabulary you wish to choose.

We would like to bring to light a questionable activity within the new PNG Immigration and Citizenship Authority or PNGICS.

This activity happens during the night, while most of you are settling down trying to go to bed or maybe out having fun, dangerous people are penetrating our borders and using PNG as a safe-haven.

The one of here is an Indonesian fugitive businessman, namely Mr. Joko Soegiarto Tjandra. He enters PNG on a private/chartered jet late in the night when all commercial flight for Air Niugini, Airlines PNG, Virgin Blue and Qantas has closed and seized for the night.

Some of you reading this may know Joko or Djoko. He is wanted by the Indonesian Supreme Court and Interpol (International Police) for Fraud. Joko reportedly conspired with the Indonesian central bank governor Mr. Syahril Sabirin to defraud Rp 546.5 billion (US$53.3 million). The news report about this fraud can be viewed by using this URL Address on the Internet by the Jarkata Post: http://www.thejakartapost.com/news/2009/06/24/fugitive-joko-tjandra-singapore-ago.html

Mr. Sabirin has been cooperating well with authorities, however, Joko has been on the run and has been using PNG as his safe-haven due to the fact that he has links with the Papindo Group of Companies here in PNG. To prove that Joko is one of Interpol’s wanted person, please go to the Interpol website or follow this link: http://www.interpol.int/Wanted-Persons/(wanted_id)/2009-21489

Now here is how Joko is allowed entry into PNG according to ground reports. Peter O’Neil, Member of Parliament/Prime Minister of PNG instructed the Minister responsible for Immigration, Ano Pala to grant Joko access into PNG without any hassle by Immigration Officials. Pala then ordered the O’Neill/Namah appointed Acting Chief Migration Officer (who is also a personal friend to O’Neil) to facilitate Joko’s entry. Immigration Officers at Jacksons International Airport are fully aware of who Joko is, however, since this order came from the Minister responsible for Immigration, they have no choice but to comply with the political directives and allow this criminal to enter.

Now comes another new development about the Indonesian Jet Fighters tailing the Falcon on 29 November 2011. The Indonesians can come up with many excuses for that situation, but it is common knowledge not to accuse and survey Politicians based on assumption. Indonesian knows PNG is harbouring and assisting Joko and facilitating the laundering of the dirty money that he stole from his fishy and fraudulent deals. The Indonesians knew that the falcon was carrying a large amount of money on board (money laundering) and other persons on the flight other than our Ministers thus there were jet fighters.

THEY WERE ONLY PROTECTING THEMSELVES, even PNG NEC Government arm does that. PNG Customs doesn’t have any records of the money because VIPS get a special treatment and are exempted from hassles by border authorities, I can say this because I always get this treatment when travelling as a VIP in PNG and other countries and that is the truth.

And when Namah was asked by the media why didn’t he say anything straight after that, his excuse was that he forgot. Forgot? After you have been tailed by fighter planes? A former military officer forgetting an intimidating situation by Indonesians? Some of you may buy his story. But here is the real story. Causing hostility between both countries would force Indonesians to reveal Joko and that would implicate O’Neill as he and Joko are business partners and close friends.

Now Namah didn’t get what he expected from the money that was laundered in by the Falcon Jet. He also knew about Joko, revealing this would also hold him accountable, thus he had to cause a scene. Thus he revealed in the media about the incident in the hope the Indonesians would reveal their real intention and resulting in O’Neill being questioned and Namah only admitting that he was facilitating the PM’s orders.

I have said too much already but I stress this out to you all that THIS IS NOT A PROPAGANDA. THIS IS REAL. I am telling you this because of information leaking out from both Namah and O’Neill parties. And I myself know about this whole issue of Joko as I was one of the people who facilitated Joko’s entry into PNG for Peter O’Neill. I have no gain in this. I am also NOT on any politicians side, including Somare. I’m working alone, and this account is an alias account just to protect myself.

Follow the URL Address and check on the Internet. I call on the media to investigate with PNG Immigration and PNG Customs because the Police are either bought off, uncertain about their hierarchy or too scared. If you are reading this I have attached documents for the Post Courier and The National newspapers.

Wanted Persons _ Internet _ Home – INTERPOL.pdf
Permata must return BLBI scandal funds_ AGO _ The Jakarta Post.pdf
Who owns Rp 546b worth of liquidity funds The Jakarta Post.pdf
Fugitve in Singapore_The Jakarta Post.pdf
Lawyer unaware Tjandra in Singapore_The Jakarta Post.pdf 
State set to receive billions in BLBI funds _ The Jakarta Post.pdf
  1. John
    January 16, 2012 at 3:12 am

    So after skimming through two of the links provided (Permata must return BLBI scandal funds_ AGO _ The Jakarta Post.pdf ;
    Who owns Rp 546b worth of liquidity funds The Jakarta Post.pdf)….the “dirty money” said to be being laundered on the falcon jet is actually still sitting at the bank of Bali, under dispute.

    I thought the Falcon departed from Malaysia? yet: Fugitve in Singapore_The Jakarta Post.pdf???

    Just saying, nothing you say here is making sense.

  2. hogisouls
    May 14, 2013 at 10:08 am

    I am interested to know more about Djoko Tsandra Issue so please may you tell me more about this. Right now I am doing a research on this fellow.

  1. January 17, 2012 at 11:45 am

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