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Questions hang over PIH registration and later deals

By Peter Korimbo

Pacific International Hospital (PIH) was registered under suspicious cirmcumstances. When the issue of registration came up with the Medical Board of PNG (chairman late Dr Pangatana), there were many issues the PIH had to fulfil before a licence was granted to operate as a hospital. The Health Minister at the time used his ministerial power to order the Medical Board of PNG to grant the licence. It was common knowledge at the time that the particular minister a “very close” friend of the principal owner of PIH.

The ownership issue of PIH has to be revealed so the PNG people know. A foreigner came into our country convinced a retirement benefit fund to purchase the property and turn it into a hospital. Unfortunately, the general public may wrongly believe that the hospital belongs to the retirement benefit fund.

Only few years ago Motor Vehicle Insurance Ltd bought shares in PIH. The CEO of MVIL was elected as a director to the board of PIH. This is a bigger scam then what appears on the surface.

With the current public outcry about the fatal mishaps at PIH, we learn late last year that the private hospital, owned by the Independent Public Business Corporation, on the hill was given to PIH even though other reputable local and overseas medical companies bid. The decision was made by the Somare regime. I wonder if Honourable Mekere Morauta [Minister for Public Enterprises] can look into the circumstances under which the decision was made and if there is evidence of foul play in awarding it to PIH then he should revoke it and award it to another bidder who can manage the hospital as a truly INTERNATIONAL HOSPITAL. This hospital on the hill belongs to Papua New Guineans and the business should go to Papua New Guineans. It is known that overseas companies who bid offered in their bid to run it as an international hospital for IPBC. Over to you Sir Mekere.

With influx of multinational companies to PNG currently, PNG will lose out big time in revenue from health sector as we have been now. All their personnel will be sent to Australia for medical problems. PIH here with it’s reputation will be overlooked by these multinational firms.

If the Department of Health is to investigate PIH then Dr Sapuri should disqualify himself as the chairman of the medical board. There is a conflict of interest here.

The Minister of Health now shoul not backdown on his promise to investigate and dismantle this institution which has been responsible for many unavoidable deaths of nationals.

Two years ago I brought an Australian who suffered a severe attack of stroke. He was left unattended on the trolley in the outpatient cubical for more than 6 hours. Just Imagine if he he had another attack. This was because he had no money for up front payment. Finally when the daughter was notified and she came with the money, the treatment commenced.

The doctors who defend PIH now are being forced to do so by the management. Why did they not come for many years now that PIH has been compromising patent care?

  1. January 10, 2012 at 3:25 pm


    John Mindra:
    The whole of PIH well progressed with friendly staff. Put the whole operation were highly recommended according my observations

    Vina Joel:
    The staff attached towards the patient is good.

    Rebecca Fari:
    IH is best in town and I would not hesitate to recommend to anyone.
    Who seek medical assistance. The Service at the front desk is efficient the doctors are greatly commended for job done well. Medical prescription has helped tremendously.

    Lovelyn Wangi:
    As first time patient here at PIH the service time and the delivery was
    Convenient for me.

    Robert Warika:
    Staff were all very nice great help will use hospital for all work cases.

    Amaring Mou:
    Overall my experience here was excellent and I would recommend others
    to visit the hospital.

    Alex Awalesa:
    Services provided is of high standard and very good. As for me a first time
    to come here I would say , this is the best hospital in the country.

    Tua Veali:
    I thought the service in here was good. Hope to see u again.

    All in all, it’s great! Thank you so much for the service provided.

    Pamela Dasiona:
    Good Service from doctors have always recommended PIH and have been
    Coming to PIH since 2000.

    Magi Goro:
    I realy enjoyed PIH Staff and treatment received from the staff and the
    Doctors looking forward for my family in futures.

    Georgina Andrew:
    All in all PIH is the best an most outstanding private hospital that I have
    Been to front desk very helpful and waiting is fast.

    John Laka:
    This was my first time here in PIH and I love very much thank you.

    Sr. Maria Kishori:
    Very good treatment courtesy and attention given.

    Mathew Gagesin:
    PIH is a healthy hospital the doctors and employee very helpful for Patient, explanations are very clear.

    Very good Experience.

    Reginald Lalora:
    From my remark the service you give is very good and well understandable
    and keep the good work cheers.

    Phillpa walwal:
    Thank you for your service, thank you dolin for serving me in a friendly
    manner like it was not first time in PIH.

  2. January 11, 2012 at 3:44 pm


    Dr Joseph Aina duty doctor at PIH Emergency Room attended to the said patient, a 10 year old male child on 3-01-2012 at PIH ER, on his arrival at 12:30 pm, not at 9.30 am as alleged in the e-mails circulated in the last few days. The child was brought in by the mother and presented with a four day history of abdominal pain, vomiting and diarrhoea. The patient is 10 years old, Male, weighed 60 Kilograms.

    As per history given by the mother, the patient was suffering from the abdominal pain, vomiting and diarrhea for the last 4 days. The mother first took the patient to JBK Medical Services, who referred the patient to PMGH. The mother however decided to bring the patient to PIH.

    Upon presentation the patient’s vitals were: T 36Deg, Pulse 110/min, Respiratory Rate 30/min, BP was 90/60mmHg. Clinically, the patient was septic and severely dehydrated.

    The treatment was commenced immediately, the doctors tried their best to get a vein to start the intravenous fluids, but the veins were collapsed and an emergency procedure of venous cut down was performed on the leg vein by Dr Laiam Kirau to get intravenous access. After the successful cut down, IV line was inserted; antibiotics and appropriate IV fluids were given to stabilize the patient. Due nursing care was given by the Emergency Sister In charge Sr. Rose Hal. PIH did not demand any procedure or treatment fee as it was a lifesaving emergency procedure.

    The patient did not vomit any blood, as alleged in the circulated e- mail. PIH doctors provided prompt and immediate attention and appropriate first line medical care was given to the child, even though the PIH emergency was full of other patients at the time due to the holiday period.

    After the patient was successfully given the appropriate first line medical care, the doctor advised the mother for admission, but due to financial constraints and severity of the illness, the family, upon doctors’ advice agreed to refer the patient to PMGH. PIH has no knowledge and was never made aware of the father’s attempts at transferring funds for admission and further treatment at PIH, as alleged in the e-mails.

    The child was not rushed to PMGH as alleged, but was referred to PMGH after proper referral arrangements were made by the PIH referring doctor with Dr Jack at Accident & Emergency Department at PMGH to accept the patient for admission and further care. The patient was treated at PIH emergency room with intravenous fluids and IV medications until 4.30 pm and was then transferred to PMGH in the PIH ambulance with a nurse escort and a detailed referral note from the PIH doctor.

    The child’s serious condition was explained to the mother by Dr Aina, from time to time during the brief stay at PIH. We made all possible efforts to save the patient’s life and were successful in reviving him but he was critically ill and needed to be referred to and treated at a Tertiary Care Facility.
    The patient was brought to PIH after 4 days of sickness. Unfortunately the mortality rate for such late presentations in such a medical scenario is extremely high. We are sad to learn that patient succumbed to his illness and we pray that Almighty God rests his soul in eternal peace.

    PIH stands by it’s Mission and Vision Statement – PIH has never refused emergency life saving treatment in life threatening conditions and has helped saved many lives on humanitarian grounds. We have written off over K350,000 in unpaid bills in the last few years and that is certainly ample proof of our magnanimity and corporate social responsibility.

    Whilst we never stop treatment, we do transfer patients to the public hospital once they have been stabilized if they are unable to afford further private care or need to be treatment at a Tertiary Care facility. We always give the patients an estimate of their costs and choice to stay at PIH or get transferred to public hospital. Truth of the matter is that the hospital has to foot the bill as corporate social responsibility, for many such emergency cases, because some relatives do not honor their commitment to come and settle the bills. Perhaps they simply can’t afford it, but we as a private institution do not get any government subsidy or Ausaid and other NGO funding to be able to provide free care.

    All resident doctors, permanent or moon lighters employed by PIH are constantly under supervision or working in consultation with senior consultant at all times. Like every service providing institution, one consultant in every discipline of medicine is on-call every day and every patient of concerned are always notified to the consultant.

    With regards to the Hippocratic Oath, in Papua New Guinea, the Papua New Guinea Medical Board is the Custodian and Guardian of the PNG Medical Practice Code of Ethics, which housed the Hippocratic Oath. All medical services providers respect the PNG Medical Practice Code of Ethics. The Medical Board of PNG is the body that polices and ensures that all medical services providers, individuals or institutions adhere to the PNG Medical Practice Code of Ethics. At Pacific International Hospital we practice evidence based medicine with respect to the PNG Medical Practice Code of Ethics.

    Please note this statement has been prepared and made entirely voluntarily by all the undersigned staff and no one has been coerced, forced or otherwise induced in any matter whatsoever by the Management to do so.

    Peter Kennedy- Chief Operating Officer, M.A, D.H.A, M.H.M (U.K), M.B.A.
    Dr. Amyna Sultan, MBBS, MD, FAAO, Diplomat American Board of Ophthalmology – Medical Director &Consultant Ophthalmologist
    Dr. Paul Mondia, MBBS, M Med (Internal Medicine) – Consultant Internal Medicine
    Dr. Onne Rageau, MBBS, M.Med (O & G) – Consultant Obstetrician & Gynaecologist
    Dr. Mathias Sapuri, MBBS, DGO, M.Med & O & G, DRACOG, DRACGP, FACTM
    Consultant and Head of Department – Gynaecologist & Obstetrics
    Dr. Frank Torova, MBBS, M.Med (Surgery) – Consultant General and Trauma Surgeon
    Dr. Ringko Sitaing, MBBS, M.Med. (Anaesthesia) – Consultant Anaesthetist
    Dr. Ronald Galicio, MD (Internal Medicine) – Consultant Cardiologist
    Dr. Pius Umo, MBBS, M.Med (Radiology) – Consultant Radiologist
    Dr. Nitin Datir, MBSS, MD (Paediatrics) – Consultant Pediatrician
    Dr. George Pariwa, MBBS, M.Med (Internal Medicine) – Consultant Physician
    Dr. Faisal Qureshi, BDS (Dentistry) – Consultant Dental Surgeon
    Dr. Nick Dala, MBBS, M.Med (STI / HIV) – Emergency Doctor
    Dr Joseph Aina, MBBS – Emergency Doctor,
    Dr Kamilus Kuringi MBBS – Emergency Doctor
    Dr Laiam Kirau MBBS – Emergency Doctor
    Dr Vaishali Datir MBBS – Emergency Doctor
    Dr Melissa Galicio – MBBS, Ward Doctor
    Dr. Madhuri Yellamelli MBBS, DPM (Psychiatry) – Ward Doctor
    Dr. Felicidad Cabrera, MBBS, MD – Emergency Doctor

  3. John
    January 16, 2012 at 2:58 am

    To tell you the truth, if I’m in dyer need of medical assistance in the middle of the night, I would only think of PIH. No matter your opinion on it’s services and so called deep rooted corruption. This country needs medical assistance, and we’ll have to take it any way we can get it. Do you see people lining up at the door just waiting to open up new and better services? No, you don’t.

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