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Still no action on the theft of K780m

November 21, 2011 Leave a comment Go to comments

Eighteen months ago this blog was created to publish the findings of the Commission of Inquiry into corruption in the Department of Finance.

That inquiry revealed that over K780 million has been stolen from the people of PNG by people like Paul Paraka, Zacchary Gelu and Peter Yama.

The Commission of Inquiry presented its report to the then Prime Minister, Michael Somare in October 2009.

The report was presented to Parliament in February 2010.

But the report findings have only ever been published on this blog and there have been no police investigations, prosecutions or convictions against the people responsible for the theft.

The men who stole the K780 million are walking free enjoying the proceeds of their crime, while 4 women die every day while giving birth because of a lack of health services that don’t exist because people like Paul Paraka have stolen the money that would have paid for them.

Prime Minister Peter O’Neill says he is committed to fighting corruption but has done nothing to implement the findings of the Commission of Inquiry.

So, despite the court injunction mysteriously obtained by Paul Paraka stopping any publication of the Finance Department Commission of Inquiry findings, we are  again publishing the Commission report and over the next few weeks we will republish a series of articles detailing some of the individual scams and the people involved.

We do this in the hope that one day the people of PNG might see justice done – and we might see better health and education services for all Papua New Guineans and not just those who use stolen funds to fly their relatives to Brisbane and Singapore.

Download the Full Commission of Inquiry Final Report here (warning file size 6mb).

  1. The Patriot
    January 28, 2013 at 1:07 pm

    In history no government has ruled forever at the expenses of the suffering of the people. Dictators have been toppled and justice has prevailed. The Arab Spring has brought into light the future ahead if we continue to travel down the same path. Or the extreme case of some African and Middle East states where extremists and war lords rule may be our next destiny waiting ahead. We also know from history that the corrupted regimes (such as Suharto of Indonesia, the Macros of Philippines, Thaksin Shinawatra of Thailand, Hosni Mubarak of Egypt, and Muammar Gaddafi of Libya) not lasted forever. At the end justice was waiting and finally caught up with them when they least expected it. Some flee and live in exile, some imprisoned and some killed. Even the worst evil in the history of mankind never lasted. Adolf Hitler regarded as the incarnation of absolute evil in the history of mankind perished with all his deeds.

    In the face of tyranny, always rise the believers of justice. Nelson Mandela of South Africa, Martin Luther King Jr. of US, and Karamchand Gandhi of India are the beacon of the human rights and freedom of the voiceless, oppressed and deprived. They lived their lives no one else lived. They saw things no one else seen. They believed in things no else believed. They sacrificed their lives but become the legends. Their legacy lived on. May we not forget, “A RICH COUNTRY YET POOR”?

    The Patriot
    Papua New Guinea

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