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NCDC disowns audit report but does not exonerate Parkop

August 31, 2011 1 comment

Bernard Sinai is reporting on his blog that the NCDC audit report posted on PNGexposed has been officially disowned by the National Capital District Commission which is denying authorship – but there has been no denial that the facts contained in the report and the allegations of misconduct against NCDC governor, Powes Parkop, are not genuine.

Sinai claims that in a press release sanctioned by NCDC Chief Internal Auditor, Matapere Tau, the NCDC says the “alleged report was neither prepared nor authored by the NCDC Internal Audit division or the Audit Committee.”

The audit report alleges that the governor breached several Acts including the Public Finance Management Act and the NCDC Act and has failed to declare a conflict of interest in the NCDC’s commercial dealings with Parkop’s political ally and chief fundraiser, Justin Tkatchencko (who received more than K3 million in 2010 alone).

While the NCDC Internal Audit division has affirmed “it executes its functions with strict accordance to the Internal Audit Charter and reports to the Independent Audit Committee” it has not stated that the Governor is so squeaky clean in his own financial dealings.


Payments by Parkop to Tkatchencko exposed

August 27, 2011 11 comments

Justin Tkatchencko received over K3 million in 2010 from the National Capital District according to the schedule of payments below.

These payments, it is claimed, were authorised by NCDC Governor Powes Parkop in breach of the Public Finance Management Act, the NCDC Act and the Organic Law on the Leadership Code (see report).

Justin Tkatchenko is a political ally of the Governor and the fundraising Chairman for the Governor’s Peoples Social Democratic Front Party thus creating a clear conflict of interest for Parkop.

Further, the payments, which were made for work on the NCDC Mini Park, Water Fountain, Waterslide and Zoo and Animal Farm, were made with no quotations provided and no tender advertised or accepted, claims the report.

These failures, say the report, breach the fundamental principles of value for money, transparency, effective competition, fair and ethical dealing and efficiency.

Audit report paints sorry picture of waste management in PNG

August 27, 2011 2 comments

A report from Papua New Guinea’s Auditor General reveals that waste management in PNG is “ineffective and fragmented” and the Department of Conservation is failing in its role as lead agency.

The report (2.8mb) also finds there is little reason for optimism that the situation will change in the near future.

“The absence of proper waste processing facilities and well developed landfill sites in Port Moresby and other parts of the country, mean that the open and uncontrolled dumping of waste is  likely to continue, leading to harmful impacts  on the health and welfare of the people and  the environment”.

The report, which was presented to Parliament in October 2010 presents the findings of an audit conducted to assess how efficiently, effectively and economically solid waste is managed in PNG.

The audit focused mainly on the Department of Environment and Conservation (DEC), since it is the lead agency responsible for planning, coordinating and providing the national legal/policy framework in relation to environmental protection at all sectors, and governments levels.

The audit found there are neither proper plans nor provision of sufficient funding in the budget for waste management prevention or awareness programs. This is despite the fact waste management can have a negative impact on the health and welfare of the community and has both direct and indirect linkages to economic development,

In Port Moresby, a lack of policy for the management of waste and the inadequate approach to waste prevention, collection and treatment and disposal, and the lack of adequate services in the settlements, means that, there is indiscriminate dumping of refuse in all parts of Port Moresby into waterways, drains, roadsides and other public places.

The audit also highlights the high health risks from the inadequate methods of disposal of medical waste at the Baruni Dump in Port Moresby

“Dump operators, nearby residents and inhabitants of the Baruni Dump are exposed to high health risks, specifically the community who live adjacent to the medical waste disposal site.  Indiscriminate dumping of medical waste and the practice of burying it in shallow pits, partially burning it with kerosene, and partly covering it with soil is considered as a serious health hazard..

Although the Auditor General recommended that DEC formulates a consolidated National Solid Waste Law to deal with the management of waste across the whole of PNG, that advice has been rejected by DEC which is instead only developing specific regulations under the Environment Act, 2000.

David Conn denies authorship of report

August 23, 2011 5 comments

David Conn has contacted pngexposed to deny that he is the author of a report accusing NCD governor, Powes Parkop, of gross financial mismanagement:

Suggest you check your sources before putting anything to print , people . I am the Chairman of the NCD Audit Committee . I did not write this report . I am told a report will be presented to the Audit Committe this week , but that this is not it . I have never seen this report so allowing it to go out with my name on it twice does pose you some problems. Is it not simple Journalism 101 to check your sources ? Please remove references to myself from this piece of work . Dave Conn

Hopefully David will be in contact again after the Audit Committee meeting this week to let us know what the situation is.

ballets or bullets in the 2012 election?

August 23, 2011 1 comment

Read the report that accuses Parkop of financial mismanagement

August 22, 2011 5 comments

Read the Report that accuses National Capital District Governor, Powes Parkop, of gross financial mismanagement and a conflict of interest in his payments of over K3 million to PNG Garderner Justin Tkatchenko.

Read more on this story.

Filer accused of conflicts of interest

August 22, 2011 6 comments

An email is being circulated under the pseudonym ‘Dirom Boy’ that accuses Australian National University academic Colin Filer of defending the resource industry in Papua New Guinea and conflicts of interest.

The Australian National University seems to have some academics who defend Logging interests, Climate Change Cowboys and Oil Palm projects. Why do resource projects in Papua New Guinea matter to some staff at ANU? Why do these brown-nosed table cats want to use academic titles as cover?

Attached is a secret document that was acquired by WikiLeaks and leaked on its site.

Happy reading