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Dr Malau, where is the money?

Ex Health worker

Can Dr Malau explain the amount of K1,767,000 investment into a law firm trust account in 1998 supposedly for the purchase of an area medical store?

The Department of Health needs to be overhauled from top to bottom starting with the Secretary himself for lack of performance, corruption and abuse of power.

Firstly, can the Secretary explain how government monies totaling (K1,767,000) which belong to the people of Papua New Guinea was invested with the law firm who deposited the monies into Bank of South Pacific with an interest of K65,057.73 for 10 and a half years then be paid to an unregistered company named PACPNG PHARMACEUTICALS instead of Department of Health?

The money was supposed to be paid to IBPC for the purchase of the warehouse in Badili (old government store).
However, upon ill-advice from the logistic officer, money was paid into the private law firm’s account for safe-keeping.
The private law firm deposited the money in a IBD account to generate interest while under safe-keeping. 
After 10 years of generating interest in the IBD account, principle money plus interest was released to a wrong party in year 2008.

A Bank South Pacific Cheque N0.000069 was released to PACPNG PHARMACEUTICAL on August 19, 2008 authorised by Dr Malau himself. 
The cheque was deposited to BSP account N0# 1001444189 in the morning and cash withdrawal the same day a full amount of K1,832,057.73 by the logistic officer at the bank.
At no point in time did the Secretary issue a stop payment order when notified of this transaction which raises suspicion of his alleged involvement in this scam.

It’s high time to come clean and explain Secretary or just step aside and allow investigations be done by rightful authorities to establish the true nature of the situation whether it was done within the realms of law governing such processes.

Over to you.

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