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Clinton silent on super hospital funding

The Clinton Foundation’s 6th Annual Global Initiative meeting closed in New York  last Friday without the promised announcement from former US President Bill Clinton of funding for the Pacific Medical Centre.

Ambassador to the United States, Evan Paki, had claimed the funding from America was locked in and an announcement would be made last week – followed by a further funding drive by Bill Clinton himself to secure further support from other donors, Foundation and big business.

But that promise is looking more than a little shaky now. The Pacific Medical Centre did not appear in the list of forty funding commitments made by Clinton during the meeting – despite the personal attendance of Prime Minister Michael Somare as a ‘featured attendee‘.

Health Minister Sasa Zibe should come clean and tell the PNG people what is going on.

Is Bill Clinton really going to fund an expensive private hospital for the PNG elite while mothers across the country are dying in childbirth because rural health centres have collapsed?

Zibe should stop his expensive international globetrotting and spend a little more time dealing with our collapsing health system!

He should also tell us how the K20 million the government committed last year to kick start the Pacific Medical Centre has been spent.

  1. October 4, 2010 at 1:57 pm

    Just a few years back, before the LNG, PMIZP & other major natural resource development projects fill my minds & lips, Bottom-Up Planning of the public (systems) reforms was the key strategic change that bind us towards a progressive PNG. Bottom-Up Planning allowed for strategic thinking & planning & management of limited public resources to cushion as well as keep the forward momentum. Alas, in a short time, that strategy is gone, and the elected leaders in Parliament, Ministers, have forgotten how bottom-up thinking was to be turned into action. PNG is rural based. PNG is not Singapore, Malaysia or Australia. PNG is out here in the bush not in Port Moresby or Waigani.Build in the rural areas. For a start, put on hold the elite hospital, and, divert the money and top-it up with the 89 districts K17 DSIP in 2011-2012 & build 89 modern hospitals, equipped with doctors, nurses, technicians and equipment to aid child birth, to fight cancer, malaria, TB & pneumonia.It might just cost K1Billion of our national budget.

  1. October 31, 2010 at 11:56 am

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