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McKinseys paid US$2.2 for 4 months work on REDD

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International consulting firm, McKinsey & Co, was paid US$2.2 million by the PNG government for four months work in 2009 to prepare a draft ‘National REDD and Climate Change Plan’ ahead of the global Copenhagen summit.

McKinsey’s confidential memorandum to the PNG government, “Supporting the Development of PNG’s National REDD and Climate Change Plans”, reveals how PNG’s position for the Copenhagen summit was developed by a team of ‘international consultants’ – all from Australia, the US and Europe.

Far from developing its own indigenous, Papua New Guinean plan, the PNG government was happy to pay almost K6 million for a team of foreign consultants to produce a plan offshore – just so the government had some glossy documents to present in Copenhagen in the hope of duping the international community to channel billions of dollars into its coffers.

Of course the money the PNG government was spending on this costly exercise was not its own money but money taken from the public purse – money that could have been spent on health care or schools.

PNGs whole REDD strategy is being run off-shore by American consultant Kevin Conrad and his Italian mistress with no accountability in Papua New Guinea or consultation with forest owners, bureaucrats or politicians.

PNG’s REDD strategy has never been debated by PNG’s Parliament or disclosed to the PNG people.

  1. Robin Lillicrapp
    September 27, 2010 at 7:04 am

    Yes, and now the science behind Climate Change has been shown suspect, the termites of connivance are still at it> It, being the ceaseless drive to unify all nations and control all peoples.

    The means of their connivance have now swung away from the climate change debate to Biodiversity. See as follows:

    Cassandra Anderson
    June 25, 2010

    The true facts of life are that the globalist control freaks have caused environmental disasters in order to implement their solutions, which are even worse. And they get public support through lies, government regulations and our tax dollars. UN Agenda 21 Sustainable Development is the overarching blueprint for depopulation and control using the environment as the excuse.

    Last month the UN announced that they were shifting their focus from global warming (which has been thoroughly discredited) to biodiversity, which is really a way to steal land by way of the Endangered Species Act. In fact, a new UN agency has been created to monitor biodiversity (Intergovernmental Science Policy Platform on Biodiversity and Ecosystem Services or IPBES), and is based on the UN’s fraudulent IPCC. The new fear that is being created is the destruction of habitats and species resulting from human activity.(1)

    These videos by Dr. Michael Coffman explain the impact of the Endangered Species Act:


    Have you wondered why BP Oil used Corexit in the Gulf? There is evidence that the motive was to kill as many birds and sea creatures as possible to usher in the expansion of the Endangered Species Act (ESA) in addition tothe $40 million in profits for NALCO (Corexit manufacturer) and the motive of submerging the oil from public view. There are numerous non-toxic alternatives to Corexit, which are still ignored by the EPA. The ESA will be used as a weapon to prevent further drilling and America’s energy independence. It is falsely being sold as the way to avoid future catastrophes and because most people love animals, they will be easily fooled.(2)

    Have you noticed that environmental groups are far less concerned with taking effective action in pressuring BP Oil, Obama and Congress to stop and the spill, and are instead filing lawsuits to stop drilling and promote inefficient solar and wind energy? The environmental groups’ lack of action against BP Oil and the EPA is glaring. Instead, they are pursuing the expansion of governmental regulations by way of the ESA. Most environmental groups, and certainly the big ones like WWF, Greenpeace, NRDC and the Sierra Club, are controlled opposition. They are funded by your tax dollars, oil companies, the UN and foundations like the Rockefeller and Ford foundation.(3)

    The attention to migratory birds is important because they do cross state lines, so the federal Department of Commerce then sticks its beak where it doesn’t belong. There is no provision in the Constitution for federal oversight of wildlife.

    The ESA was passed into law through 5 international treaties, the first one was the Migratory Bird Act. When this treaty was challenged in the Supreme Court (Missouri v. Holland), the ruling was against the 10th Amendment state sovereignty. The Supremacy Clause was weakened when the Migratory Bird Act treaty was decided to supersede the Constitution, thereby opening the door for treaties to be superior to the Constitution, in complete opposition to the Founding Fathers intentions. Many have tried to get the Supreme Court to clarify the Supremacy Clause and for Congress to limit the distorted interpretation, but have failed. ANd now we have thousands of treaties with foreign governments through the UN.


    American bee populations are dwindling and most evidence points to pesticides as the primary culprit; remember that GMO crops were made to withstand large amounts of pesticides and herbicides. It only makes sense that harmful pesticides should be taken off of the market. The most direct route to accomplish this is to sue the manufacturers and the EPA for approving numerous harmful pesticides. However, there are only a handful of lawsuits compared to the numerous pesticide products that are available. Instead, environmental groups seek to expand regulations that prevent economic development via the ESA.(4)

    The Xerces Society for Invertebrate Conservation filed a petition to put Franklin bumble bees on the Endangered Species List. The problem with this is that when a species is considered ‘endangered’ their habitat, which is most often private property (farms, ranches, businesses and homes), has severe restrictions placed on it by the federal government. If these bees are found to be ‘endangered’, it opens the door to placing other bees on the Endangered Species list. Imagine the scope of habitat for bees. If environmental disasters are planned, and there is evidence for this (the lack of action and oversight regarding dangerous chemicals and the cozy relationship between government and industry), then using bees, whose habitat is everywhere, is truly diabolical.

    Because environmental groups are funded by globalists, corporations and governments whose goal is to lock down and restrict land use as well as expanding government control, the environmental groups do the bidding of these entities, under the banner of saving the planet. The Xerces Society is funded by many federal government agencies including the EPA, the Department of Interior (they have jurisdiction over Endangered Species) and the USDA as well as other environmental UN NGOs (non governmental organizations) and the Turner Foundation. It obvious that these environmental agencies are loyal to the parties that finance them.(5)


    Perhaps the biggest example of globalist control through ESA is the Congress caused drought in the Central Valley of California that is the breadbasket of America. Because the Delta smelt and salmon populations were declining, the irrigation water to farms was cut. This was a poor solution because the fish populations continued to decline for 3 years despite the water restrictions. It was later revealed that pollution in the Delta was the cause of the fish decline, caused by up to one billion gallons of partially treated sewage being flushed into the Delta daily. Of course, the principled scientist who went public with this information was maligned because she exposed the bad science that is commonly practiced when a political policy is involved.

    Top 5 reasons the ESA is bad:

    1. It doesn’t work! Severe restrictions on landowners do not result in increased population. Of the 60 species that have been de-listed, NONE of them were removed because of the imposed controls.(6)

    2. Bad and fraudulent science is used because the ESA is really just a vehicle for control through public policy. In fact, some federal and state agents were actually found to have planted Canadian Lynx fur outside of a range, in order to increase the habitat range. And their power.(7)

    3. The 5th Amendment is violated, as there is no “due process’ or compensations to landowners for extremely harsh restrictions.

    4. The ESA chips away at State sovereignty- there is no provision in the Constitution that gives the federal government power over wildlife- it is the states’ jurisdiction. The federal government uses the ESA to usurp ower.

    5. Bill Clinton’s ‘Gap Analysis’ (a study that detailed how much of American land is privately owned) is targeted at private property owners for takeover.


    • When junk science is discredited, the lies unravel. This is the most effective method to get rid of bad policies, like the water restrictions in California and fallout from Climategate. When the people don’t respect the authorities, they lose power. It is necessary for the masses to become extremely skeptical of science that is associated in any way with policymaking. Phony environmentalism must be exposed.

    • States can assert their 10th Amendment powers and tell the federal government to buzz off.

    • Local governments have a tremendous amount of power regarding the ESA, through building permits and law enforcement.

    For example, in Iron County, Utah, the federal government claims that prairie dogs are ‘endangered’. It is not true. This is a ploy to limit farming and other economic development. Every time a prairie dog is killed by a tractor on a farm, the sheriff is expected to investigate; there is only a limited number of prairie dog deaths allowed, or the farm can be shut down. Further, if someone owns property and wants to build, they will be refused a building permit if prairie dogs are found on the property. Building permits are issued through the county, so it is under the jurisdiction of theCounty Commissionersor Supervisors.

    It is imperative that state and county governments learn about the abuse of power by the federal government because the economy and our freedom are at stake.

    To learn more about how the federal government plans to steal your land, watch the excellent flash presentation by Dr. Michael Coffman, “Taking Liberty”.(8)

    Dr. Michael Coffman’s Environmental Perspectives website address is http://www.epi-us.com.

    Please visit Cassandra Anderson’s website at http://www.MorphCity.com.


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  2. September 27, 2010 at 9:28 am

    The Copenhagen summit under the cover of an elaborately constructed climate religion facade endeavored to build a taxation and world government structure that will impose a 2% levy on the GNP of the “rich nations.” It will create 700 or more bureaucratic globalist bodies and a totalitarian world police force that will go after the scofflaws. It will impose levies on airfares, on international monetary transactions (of folks who are not part of the bankster syndicate) and in general tax out of existence most aspects of modern life.

    McKinsey & Co has ties to the Fraud at East Anglia where scientist there cooked up research numbers. Why are we silent about this, The OCCC should be held accountable for this, please publish all the finding they have made here so we know what these goons are up to.

    In addition to forcing poor nations like Papua New Guinea to live up to unrealistic carbon emission standards (designed to keep us mired in poverty and misery forever) the Danish text — let’s call it what it is, the bankster text — spells out how the global elite (“rich nations”) will further slice up and divide the third world nations (like PNG) and force them to tighten their belts even more than they are now tightened and make sure they never arrive in the twentieth first century, let alone the twentieth.

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