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Five simple facts about the Pacific International Hospital

January 10, 2012 4 comments

Pacific International Hospital in receiving a lot of criticism from the public

1.  PIH is a business entity whose primary goal is to make money. No money, No treatment.

2.  PIH does not care about your health.

3.  PIH recruits a few good doctors only to boost its public relations image, just like any business.

4.  PIH  thrives on the health misfortunes of Papua New Guineans to a large extent.

5.  PIH is just part of  network of corruption that extends to government agencies and companies.

Questions hang over PIH registration and later deals

January 9, 2012 3 comments

By Peter Korimbo

Pacific International Hospital (PIH) was registered under suspicious cirmcumstances. When the issue of registration came up with the Medical Board of PNG (chairman late Dr Pangatana), there were many issues the PIH had to fulfil before a licence was granted to operate as a hospital. The Health Minister at the time used his ministerial power to order the Medical Board of PNG to grant the licence. It was common knowledge at the time that the particular minister a “very close” friend of the principal owner of PIH.

The ownership issue of PIH has to be revealed so the PNG people know. A foreigner came into our country convinced a retirement benefit fund to purchase the property and turn it into a hospital. Unfortunately, the general public may wrongly believe that the hospital belongs to the retirement benefit fund.

Only few years ago Motor Vehicle Insurance Ltd bought shares in PIH. The CEO of MVIL was elected as a director to the board of PIH. This is a bigger scam then what appears on the surface.

With the current public outcry about the fatal mishaps at PIH, we learn late last year that the private hospital, owned by the Independent Public Business Corporation, on the hill was given to PIH even though other reputable local and overseas medical companies bid. The decision was made by the Somare regime. I wonder if Honourable Mekere Morauta [Minister for Public Enterprises] can look into the circumstances under which the decision was made and if there is evidence of foul play in awarding it to PIH then he should revoke it and award it to another bidder who can manage the hospital as a truly INTERNATIONAL HOSPITAL. This hospital on the hill belongs to Papua New Guineans and the business should go to Papua New Guineans. It is known that overseas companies who bid offered in their bid to run it as an international hospital for IPBC. Over to you Sir Mekere.

With influx of multinational companies to PNG currently, PNG will lose out big time in revenue from health sector as we have been now. All their personnel will be sent to Australia for medical problems. PIH here with it’s reputation will be overlooked by these multinational firms.

If the Department of Health is to investigate PIH then Dr Sapuri should disqualify himself as the chairman of the medical board. There is a conflict of interest here.

The Minister of Health now shoul not backdown on his promise to investigate and dismantle this institution which has been responsible for many unavoidable deaths of nationals.

Two years ago I brought an Australian who suffered a severe attack of stroke. He was left unattended on the trolley in the outpatient cubical for more than 6 hours. Just Imagine if he he had another attack. This was because he had no money for up front payment. Finally when the daughter was notified and she came with the money, the treatment commenced.

The doctors who defend PIH now are being forced to do so by the management. Why did they not come for many years now that PIH has been compromising patent care?

Malabag says Medical Board to investigate Pacific International Hospital

January 9, 2012 3 comments

Michael Malabag says the Papua New Guinea Medical Board is to investigate the tragic case of a 10-year old boy who died after allegedly being refused treatment at the Pacific International Hospital in Port Moresby.

The case of the boy has led to a storm of protest on the internet,  on radio and in the newspapers with many people recounting similar stories of delayed or refused treatment. A special page calling for the closure of PIH has been set up on the social media site Facebook which is where Malabag made his statement.

Malabag is the President of PNG Trade Union Congress and Public Employees Association

More shocking stories of suffering at Pacific International Hospital

January 9, 2012 4 comments

Emile Tenoa

My niece was stabbed at the back with a flat point screw driver in June last year by some unknown thugs at Badili bus stop and I admiited her at PIH only to find that we have to pay up front a fee of K1800 before the doctors can work on her.

With the screw driver sticking out from her back and left on the bed unattended and in great pain and crying in agony, we had to made to run around on that very night to get the money from the nearest ATM and relatives.

After nearly one and half hour we got back to the hospital only find that no doctors have attended to her as yet. Upon full payment, it took us another hour to wait for the doctor to attend to her.

This is what pisses me off when we have a so-called International Hospital and yet my niece was left unattended to for 2 and half hours with the a screwing driver sticking out from her back and crying out loud in pain just because PIH wants money first before they attend to a patient

I cried with her and shared the pain in my heart with the strength and power of GOD Almighty on that night…… If I was the Health Minister I will shut PIH right away…. My bro Hon Jamie Maxtone Graham over to you… Deal with PIH now or loose more of your citizens lives because of professional negligence.

Max H Rai

PIH is not a compassionate service oriented hospital. In fact it is not a hospital. It is a South Asian money making mint, which many mistake for a hospital. So many critically ill and A&E patients die there from mis diagnose or lack of proper and timely medical attention.

My late friend, Archbishop Hanns Schwimer, the pope’s Ambassador died from lack of proper treatment there a few years ago. My friend the late MP for Kundiawa/Gembog also died there last year, maybe from lack of timely attention…. and I know many others who have passed on, even after paying large sums of money to PIH.

This is also a wake up call for Government to take urgent action to improve all public hospitals by instituting revolutionary rehabilitaion improvement measures. Minister Graham shouid call for a Commission of Inquiry into the operation of hospitals in PNG. its findimgs should set the basis for future improvements for our rapidly increasing population.

Kamonai bona laloa….

PIH doctors respond to criticism

January 9, 2012 11 comments

Dr Joseph Aina, Dr Laiam Kirau and Dr Paul Mondia

We, the Emergency duty doctors of Pacific International Hospital, who attended to the critically ill 10 year old boy on 3rd Jan 2012 at 1.00 pm, whose name cannot be disclosed due to patients confidentiality, hereby state publicly that we provided all the necessary emergency medical care including a venous cutdown procedure, an emergent procedure to secure intravenous access to hydrate and stabilize the patient for three hours, contrary to what has been alleged in the mails and the blogs. So the real fact is that life saving procedure was performed without asking for payments by the hospital to revive the sick child.

We made all efforts to save the patients life and the child was revived but was critically ill. The patient was brought to PIH Emergency after 4 days of sickness and had apparently received treatment at different clinics in Port Moresby as per the history reported by the mother.

Due referral was made, in consultation with the Senior Colleagues at PIH and the Accident and Emergency Duty doctor at PMGH was contacted. A PIH nurse escorted the patient in PIH Ambulance for further critical care management to a tertiary care facility with the mothers consent.

We, the doctors at PIH, always abide by the Papua New Guinean Medical Practice Code of Ethics. There is no hospital policy for collecting fees first before according treatment in cases of emergency life saving situations.

We are sad to learn that patient succumbed to his illness and pray that Almighty God may rest his soul in eternal peace. Unfortunately, the mortality rate is high for such late presentations in this medical scenario. However, we cannot disclose more information due to patient confidentiality law. We welcome the Department of Health to investigate and review the case.

PIH management responds to criticisms

January 6, 2012 10 comments

Chief Operating Officer [do you have a name? And who owns PIH?]

First of all, we outright deny any and all allegations levelled against Pacific International Hospital and it’s staff, as has been widely circulated in emails and in the social media networks recently [gosh, that means an awful lot of good upright citizens must be lying then.... and you have NEVER made a mistake?]

We also state that a whole lot of untruths and distortions have been written about the Hospital, Doctors, and Nurses and that we welcome any investigation and will endeavour to co-operate fully with the respected offices and authorities in order that the real truth can prevail [well good, lets hope there is a public investigation]

At this juncture, PIH cannot respond to all the false accusations levelled against the hospital and it’s dedicated staff as we are required by the law to respect the patient’s and his parent’s confidentiality at all times. If and when the parents’ consent to the medical information being made public is received, PIH will be gladly provide the real facts of the situation [sounds like an easy cop out - the parents have already made the case public - as have dozens of other former clients with their own stories of abuse...]

PIH stands firmly by it’s Mission Statement and Corporate Vision [which are what? To make as much money as possible is surely your legal responsibility to your shareholders?].

PIH has never refused emergency lifesaving treatment in life threatening conditions and has helped save many lives on humanitarian grounds [so claims you have refused cheques, demanded cash payments only and refused treatment on the basis of promises of later payment are all false? Again, why would so many people lie?]

Post Courier: Serious concerns raised about PIH

January 6, 2012 7 comments

Controversy about the quality of care and unethical medical practices at the Pacific International Hospital has reached the pages of the Post Courier newspaper…

By Patrick Levo

Serious concerns have been expressed about the ‘modus operandi’ of the Pacific International Hospital in Port Moresby.
Public anger was raised against the private hospital after yet another avoidable death caused allegedly by the hospital’s uncompromising policy of “cash before treatment”.

In an email widely circulated, and on the social networking sites on the internet, angry Papua New Guineans and expatriates railed against PIH after the sad and unfortunate death of a 10-year-old child who was taken to the hospital on January 3 but was left unattended by medical staff and died because the mother did not have enough money to pay up front.

NauFM’s radio reporter Belinda Kora reported the hospital’s CEO was not available for comment but a spokesman said the incident was being investigated.

In an email from the United Kingdom where he is attending a health workshop, PNG Health Minister Jamie Maxtone-Graham said he was very concerned at hearing of the death.

Calling such behaviour a crime, the minister said:

“It is a very serious matter that needs urgent investigation.

“In my view, all doctors are duty bound (under the hippocratic oath they have all sworn to uphold) to save lives of all those who are in need, especially those who are in an emergency situation, regardless of whether they have money or not.

“If doctors at PIH have failed their hippocratic oath then they should be ashamed of themselves, they should go against their hospital policy and save a life, they shouldn’t be afraid to uphold their hippocratic oath.

“It is morally and ethically wrong for a doctor to stand by and watch a patient die before him or her, simply because the patient don’t have money, this in my view is a crime against society.”

Mr Maxtone-Graham said there is presently no law in place to enforce the hippocratic oath but he will work to change that.

“I will have to bring new legislation to ensure that in any emergency – life and death situation, all doctors in PNG will be required to assist that person in need of their services,” he said.

Expatriate former doctor Joshita Amai, who worked at the hospital from 2004-06 and later resigned and successfully sued the hospital owners in court told of harrowing cases of “extortion”, death caused by administration of wrong drugs, and patients left to die because their relations just did not have enough money to pay for their treatment.

Another former doctor called the practice ‘unethical’ and said the hospital was driven by the desire to make money that it went against international accepted medical practice.

Under the name Dr Lina, the former medic also claimed another doctor employed by PIH had no medical practice experience and another was hepatitis positive.

Dr Amai and Dr Lina detailed their experiences in the PNG Exposed blog online, which makes for unpalatable reading.

Email me at or and tell of your horror PIH experience.

Criticism of Pacific International Hospital hits the social media

January 6, 2012 4 comments

The community led campaign against the Pacific International Hospital has made it onto the popular social media site Facebook. Over 300 people have joined a new group – Pacific International Hospital must be closed – in just a few hours.

Testimonies like this one from Rosa Lily are being constantly added on the groups homepage:

I confirm that a niece was rushed there for medical attention a month ago on a Sunday afternoon due to domestic violence and lay there in the Emergency Room unattended to as she did not have any money to pay up front. She had a very deep nasty open cut to her head which she lost a lot of blood and required stitches immediately, however, that did not happen – simply because she was unable to pay the required fee upfront. After being there almost 2 hours, it was decided that the ambulance from Goldie take her back for stitching by a Medic. I use PIH only because my family doctor moved from the previous Surgery to PIH and therefore I preferred to move there as well due to being a patient of his for so many years and because he knows my family history … BUT believe me – going there for treatment is not pleasant at all…. *DISGUSTED*

Allegations of unethical medical practices, corruption and negligent care are being confirmed by employees:

 “I was one of those pioneer employees of that hospitals who cannot deny anything and everything said of that hospital. I witnessed numerous cases as such. I as a fellow png’ean watching that made me very outrageous b’coz I was an employee, working for someone, thriving for my family’s bread. When I couldn’t hold back to see what happened and tried break that barrier,…guess what happened? … I got SACKED!!!”

Readers share their tragic stories of abuse at Pom International Hospital

January 6, 2012 8 comments

Yesterdays post about the Pacific International Hospital – PIH: The hospital of DEATH – has prompted a number of readers to share their own tragic stories of mistreatment and neglect…

Pacific International Hospital has a bad reputation

RENAI:   In 2009 September, my mum was taken to PIH for treatment…she suffered of a heart condition. At the time she was taken to PIH her condition was somewhat stable, nevertherless she was treated at the first instant, and paid with whatever money my dad had at the time. But because she had to stay overnight for observation and more diagnosis, and her condition seemed to have worsend more money had to be paid. My dad heard the cheque book with him and said that he would write a cheque and give it…but the staff refused to accept the cheque. So my mum stayed there at the emergency without been attended to and her condition seemed to have worsened…my dad pleaded with them that she should be seen to because he was sure to pay cash in the morning, but to no avail. So my dad made the decision to go to POM Gen, by then it was 4am in the morning…When they arrived at POM Gen, the doctors there where so helpful and they tried everything they could to bring my mum back to life, but unfortunately she had died….If only she was brought to POM Gen in the first instant…my mum would still be alive…I know…

HOSEA:   That is the truth about PIH. My in-law nearly passed away there when we admit here there. Some of expatriate doctors do not know establish what type of sickness a person has. Even though we paid K4000 for the staying there for 2 and half day nothing she was not even stabilsed so we had to take to PMGH and was treated there. The local professional doctors were able to stabilise at a mere K50….

PIH is a money minded private hospital and steal money from PNGeans. They do not know what service is…..

MATT:   I agree pih must close. My wife was also refusd treatment in 2003, n died at PIH.

ALEX:   I had the same experience at that hospital almost 2 yrs ago where we ended paying more then K1000.00 for 6hrs max at the Emergency section. My father passed away even after the multitude of prescribed medication.

WALA:   I can support the story, sometime last year 09/09/2011. My son and I called into PIH for check up after his school cultural show. We arrived at 1330pm and requested to see a doctor, so the morning shift lady at the counter got my name and passed it on to the person who searches for the files. She told me to take a sit and wait.

Knowing she was going off, she should have left a note or advised the other person coming in.

I waited with my son feeling sick and tired at the same time while my son sat on the side and watched TV. He kept laughing at me, because I was dozing off to sleep on the chair. My head going down til I felt my head hanging.

I went to the afternoon shift lady to check and she asked if I had checked in. This was going towards 230pm. She got my name again and told me to take a sit. So frustrated I told her “I have been here for almost an hour and they still have not found my file!”

Anyway, took a sit and waited….still nothing. I went back and asked and they told me the Doctor was attending an emergency and won’t be available. I just told them off “that I have been sitting there nodding my head with patience and never got told that the doctor wasn’t availabe for nearly 21/2 hours. I could have gone to another hospital for treatment.”

My son and I stormed out with disgust and went down to St. Mary’s Clinic by 4pm. We were treated straight away, got our blood test and xray done. By 6 – 6.30pm we were out and off home.

I don’t think PIH cares about peoples lives, they just want money.

MAXIMILLIAN:   There is also one thing I noted with the way PIH operates. They stop helping you the moment they realise payment is not readily available, but NEVER will they suggest alternative, more affordable options like PMGH. You will be left there to die if you, yourself dont realise their greed! The irony is if you do make payment and it turns out to be serious, you get sent to PMGH anyway for 5 times as much as you would’ve paid (or more) than if you jst went there directly in the first place.


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